Saturday, February 8, 2014

Finally Some Good Rain

Saturday: (02/08) Our morning was spent doing our weekly shopping route before we stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. Nice bacon avocado omelet for me, pork chop and eggs for Lou. Lou made asparagus soup for lunch. Most of the rest of the day was spent tinkering on the computer. Baked potatoes, artichokes and beef ribs for dinner.

Sunday: (02/09) Usual slow start to the day Sunday. I did assemble my new tent in the living room. Wouldn’t want the rain outside to get it wet? Maybe next time when I have my new sleeping bag I’ll try all the stuff out in the back yard and possibly it will still be raining. In the afternoon I went out shopping for hiking tidbits. In the evening i headed down to San Jose. Lou switched back to the wee car from the Jeep. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lou made some cheese cake for lunch. Dawn made baked potato, bacon and cheese soup for dinner.

Pancakes 0372
Monday: (02/10) I have been missing maple syrup on my pancakes for a long time. Since I didn’t have any here at the apartment I’ve always used peanut butter and jelly. This morning i made some wonderful pancakes and enjoyed some maple syrup on them. I added some sausage as well for a really yummy breakfast. It isn’t raining today, just overcast and a little misty this morning. I could have gotten some work done outside but I’d be dodging the mud so i tinkered in side. I prepared my applications for permits to do the PCT hike and for entry into Canada on the trail. Likely neither will be needed but if all goes well on my test hike i could just continue North.  I also rearranged the apartment and did my house cleaning. I’m still trying to find the most efficient arrangement. I also repaired my heat gun which needed a new switch. So, it was a rather nice day inside. For lunch I tried some trail cooking. Well, not really cooked. I wrapped some tuna and cheese in a couple of tortillas. It was really quite good. Continuing in that effort, I had an afternoon snack of ramen noodles. Not too unusual but I cooked them as I would on the trail adding very hot water to a bowl and letting it soak for 10 minutes. Turned out the same as if cooked on the stove. I’ll have to do another test with some dried vegetables and meat when I’m home. I don’t have such things here at the apartment. In the evening I stopped by the Grocery outlet for a couple of things then picked up dinner at Kentucky fried Chicken on the way home.

Tuesday: (02/11) Granola for breakfast. The day started overcast but in the afternoon the sun came out through broken clouds. I sent the day stripping the paint from the South side of the front of the porch. A couple of more days might get the high stuff finished then only the porch ceiling will remain for the front of the house. Then if we can get a couple of weeks of dry warm weather maybe I can add some paint. For lunch I had a ciabatta hot dog and cheese sandwich. Dinner was more impressive. I ordered a pizza for the House Of Pizza. Of course there are leftovers. My phone decided to crash today. When I thought is was time for lunch my phone said it was 0840. It was actually 1158. I spent some time after eating restoring the phone to operation. It’s always a pain to restore the applications but it does clear out unwanted stuff when its reset like that.

SJ Paint Job 0002
Wednesday: (02/12) More granola for breakfast. I got out fairly early a did a little stripping before I had to quit at 0945 to get ready for a 1000 webinar on Mobile Applications Cyber Security.  Pretty interesting. Lou and Dawn stopped by to take showers after swimming. They both went to a therapy pool here in San Jose. Dawn followed that with an appointment downtown and Lou had a doctors appointment. For lunch I had ham and cheese wraps. I continued with more stripping in the afternoon finishing the right side eves. Now for the center tomorrow. Dinner was some of the leftover pizza. In the evening I was back TV binging with more Veronika Mars.

SJ Paint Job 0006
Thursday: (02/13) I started with a breakfast burrito from La Victoria while watching the construction project at SJSU. Then I got to work and stripped the paint from part of the center of the porch. Stripping the vent grill was the most fun. Next week I’ll add the second section to my scaffold to reach the high part of the center. Lunch was some salmon soup and a ham and cheese wrap. I worked until 1730. It’s nice that it’s staying light longer. Then I cleaned up and relaxed watching a couple of Veronica Mars episodes while the traffic died down. For dinner I had the last of my leftover pizza. I was back in Palo Alto a little after 2000.

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