Sunday, February 16, 2014

My How Time Is Flying

Saturday: (02/15) We made a quick run to Sprout’s Market for a few things. Normally this is our chopping day but today we abbreviated it. Lou and Dawn went out to a rummage sale after breakfast with our neighbor Meili. I tinkered with my new hiking toys. Grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Soup for dinner.

In the evening we all went to a Bluegrass concert in Mountain View and saw the Dry Branch Fire Squad. Another great Redwood Bluegrass Associates concert. Excellent music and humor. Having watched Ron Thomason singing, plucking and providing simple humor in the show you could see he was someone with clear thinking, possibly like Will Rogers. I went to their website and found a link to Ron’s Rants. I was blown away by his thinking. His thinking certainly puts my my thought process to shame. I’ve only read the first entry, so far, but will have to take the time, which will be considerable, to read the rest. he sounds like a hick in his show but clearly isn’t.

Sunday: (02/16) Lou and I started the day with a shopping run to Walmart and Trader Joe’s. Yesterday we didn’t do all our shopping stops. We went to breakfast with Ernie and Courtney at A Good Morning Restaurant. My bacon avocado omelet was excellent. After breakfast, Ernie and I went up to Redwood City looking for parts for his trailer. Not much luck finding what we needed. Probably need to go online. We also stopped by REI for me to look around before returning home. I spent the afternoon weighing stuff for my backpack. The base pack is now at over 16 pounds so I want to get rid of three more pounds but I still have some things to add. Dawn made some lentil chili for dinner. In the evening I returned to San Jose.

Wilton Paint Project
(02/17) A breakfast burrito from La Victoria to start. I erected my scaffolds into a tower and stripped the paint from the peak of the porch. Ramen noodles with freeze dried vegetables and chicken for lunch. The freeze dried stuff is some samples I got to try out for the hiking trip. Leale’s RV called and said my replacement windshield wiper arm was in so I arranged to have it installed tomorrow. For dinner I had a pork chop with baked beans and fried potatoes. I relaxed as traffic died down watching more Veronica Mars. About 1930 I drove back up to Palo Alto.

RV New Wiper Arm
(02/18) I got up early and cleaned out and readied the RV to roll. I was on the way to San Jose about 0830. There was a lot to organize, a product of sitting still so long. I went to Leale’s RV epair in San jose and got the new windshield wiper arm installed. The new arm was a little different and it took a while to locate so I didn’t mind paying them to install it. The replacement arm was even cheaper than I had found it online and i just wasn’t sure what I had found was actually the right one. I was on my way back to Palo Alto by 1000 with the new arm, both blades replaced and the arms adjusted. Now, if only the vandals will stay away! I picked up breakfast at Jack In The Box on the way home. I left the Jeep there and caught a bus to San Jose. Courtney needs the jeep tomorrow. I got off the bus at the Grocery Outlet and picked up a couple of things before walking to the apartment.

Wilton Paint Project
I finished stripping the high peak of the porch. Really not much was done. I could have done some more work on the porch roof but convinced myself that I was through for the day, at 1500. Could have been my sore back, could have been that at that fairly late time of day I would have spent as much time on cleaning up as on working which just didn’t seem right. An afternoon off!

Wednesday: (02/19) I stripped the right column and ceiling area. Pancakes for breakfast. Wiener and cheese wraps for lunch. Rice roast beef and corn for dinner.

Thursday: (02/20) A breakfast burrito from La Victoria Restaurant. Busy stripping the left column and nearby ceiling area. PBJ tortilla for lunch. Chinese for dinner.

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