Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mt. Diablo

Saturday: (02/22) Lou and I headed off to do our weekly grocery shopping. When we visited Walmart I get a McGriddle sandwich and Lou and Dawn had coffee. Lou made waffles with black berries for breakfast. Our kitchen sink faucet hot water valve won’t shut off. I was supposed to repair it as well as Ernie’s shower faucet.

Trough Hikers BBQ Trough Hikers BBQ
But I decided to go to a BBQ with a bunch of through hikers up in Benicia. It started at 1300. It was interesting learning form all their experience. I hurried away bringing just my day hiking pack for a hike tomorrow with the group. I should have brought a sleeping bag as many of the attendees were spending the night at the host’s house. I stayed at a nearby motel myself.
Sunday: (02/23) I had breakfast at Jack In The Box then went out to the Mt. Diablo trailhead at Regency Ave. About 16 or 17 hikers started the hike at 0900.

Mt Diablo Hike Looking Up To Peak From Start Mt Diablo Hike
We hiked up to Olympia Peak then to Mt Diablo Peak. The hike was 12.7 miles. It had an elevation change: 3,369 feet with a total climb of climb 5,322 feet.

Mt Diablo Hike Top Of Olympia Peak Mt Diablo Hike Top Of Olympia Peak
The first peak was Mt Olympia. I was the last there and people actually waited for me? Our group photo.

Mt Diablo Peak View Of Bay Mt Diablo Peak
The view of the South bay from the top of Mt Diablo, foggy haze in the distance. The mountains I usually hike in are just beyond the fog. There is a “Castle” at the top of Mt Diablo with a beacon and an observatory. The view was pretty good but I’ll have to return on a really clear day to see the entire state from there.

Mt Diablo Peak View Of Valley Mt Diablo Peak What Trough Hikers Do When They Stop
We had lunch at the top. All these hikers were fit through (long distance) hikers so guess who was the slowest.

Mt Diablo Hike Heading Down Mt Diablo Hike Near End
I was the last to the top and the last to get back to the bottom. Our host, Scott (trail name Schroomer) told me when I made it to the top that there is nothing on the Pacific Crest Trail that is as bad as the hike up Mt Diablo. That’s encouraging. When I got back to the bottom at 1610 he again encouraged me and said I should have no problems on the hike. I said I thought so too but I’d be days late. He said, so that’s your trail name.  Good enough, My trail name will be “Days Late.”

I called Lou and said I was on the way home and she prepared corned beef hash and eggs for dinner. Dawn followed that with chocolate ice cream on berries.

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