Sunday, February 2, 2014

In The Gutter

Saturday: (02/01) We started the day with our weekly grocery run. We often stop at the McDonald’s in Walmart, our first stop, where I get a McGriddle sandwich and Lou gets coffee. Dawn was with us today as well. After stops at Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Sprout’s and Whole Foods we finally got home. Fortunately those stores are all at one corner. At home I fixed corned beef hash and eggs for a real breakfast or brunch. After scheduling the next two Friday hikes for my hiking group I finally got to work. I removed the leaves from our sun rooms flat roof as well as from the storage shed, the greenhouse and the shop. Two 60 gallon compost barrels worth. That was the only task o my home todo list, I hope, so now maybe I can play? Lou made a couple of quality neck pillows today. Lou made some wonderful asparagus soup withe garlic cheese toast for lunch. For dinner she made spinach zucchini lasagna.

Sunday: (02/02) Dawn made savory cake with ham and cheese for breakfast. We went for a walk at the IKEA store and had lunch there as well. Meatballs for me, BBQ ribs for Lou and salmon for Dawn. Nice <$20 meal tab. I finally move in to my new hiking boots by wearing them outside. Can’t return them now but should need to since they fit fine. Corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I packed up an headed to San Jose after dinner. On the way I stopped at Walmart and bought some arch support pads that are small silicon gel pads with elastic bands on. They are supposed to lift my plantar fascia and eliminate my foot pain due to Plantar Fasciitis. I put them on and they seem to work. I’ll have to try them on a hike now.

Monday: (02/03) It was a nice clear day today but did develop some wind in the afternoon. I left last Wednesday because rain had been forecast for Thursday and the ground was still wet from rain Wednesday morning. Our weather in Palo Alto Thursday was clear so I probably could have gotten some work done. We got a half inch of rain in Palo Alto Sunday but San Jose just got .1 inch so it was nice and dry today. It looks like the only way to be here when it’s nice to work is to be here when it isn’t nice as well.

I stripped more paint from the eves today finishing the North porch eves. A breakfast burrito from La Victoria eaten watching the construction at San Jose State University. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftover lasagna with grapes for dinner.

I work my new foot arch supports and they seem to work well all day. Nice! Now i need to find out how many miles they are good for for my long hike needs.

San Jose Paint Job San Jose Paint Job

San Jose Paint Job
Tuesday: (02/04) After breakfast I took a walk downtown to the Post office to get some stamps. The university station didn’t have any stamps. Interesting. I thought that was their thing. So I walked to the main Post office to get the stamps. On the way to the Post office I passed an interesting taqueria so I noted the location.I continued stripping paint on the North West corner of the porch. Still a lot to be done but now I’m moving toward the porch peak. Tomorrow afternoon the powers that be expect rain. I’ll work until it looks eminent tomorrow. After cleaning up from my dusty duties I walked down to the taqueria for dinner. I continued walking out San Carlos Street stopping in at Mel Cottons Sporting Goods store. That wasn’t the purpose of my walk but it made a good destination. My purpose was to take a long walk so I walked 5.8 miles total. Now to see if my feet are OK tonight and tomorrow. Lou mentioned that a package arrived today. I checked with Fedex and it should be my new ultralight backpack. This morning i talked with the folks at cascade Designs makers of Thermarest products. I wanted to know if the xLite mattress I have was compatible with their sleeping quilt and lounge chair products. They say it is so i ordered them from because they have the quilt $50 cheaper than anyone else. Now I have ordered the big three backpack, tent and sleeping bag though in this case the bag is a quilt which basically is a zipper-less bag. I went with the quilt because it is much lighter since it only tries to cover my top and the mattress takes care of keeping the bottom warm. I got the lounge chair sleeve to protect the mattress and to allow me to comfortably sit up in the tent. I never was good at crossing my legs and sitting on the ground. Now to schedule a multi-day hike as a test flight.

I fixed leftover corned beef hash with eggs and a pancake for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. For dinner I walked downtown to the Taqueria I spotted this morning.

Wednesday: (02/05) I started earlier than i have been recently. We were supposed to have rain this afternoon and i wanted to get some work done before it arrived. I finished stripping the paint off about 1/3 of the front of the porch. The sky was perfectly clear much of the day until about 1pm then a haze started to appear and by 3pm it was cloudy, even more so by 5pm when I quit work. No rain yet. If it does come tonight then I may get some time off tomorrow? Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch BBQ ribs with home fried potatoes for dinner. I spent the evening watching Veronika Mars episodes. TV binging is so much better that watching and waiting on the networks.

Thursday: (02/06) The rain did come. I awoke to the wonderful sound of the dripping gutters and puddles in the lawn. Looks like my scheduled hike for tomorrow might be rather wet though. Still have a full group signed up for the hike. My fellow hikers are daring. Sausage, eggs and potatoes for breakfast .

Since it was wet out I spent the morning posting the long un-posted photos to the blog. I hadn’t posted any photos since before November 29th. The posts are a bit more interesting with photos and when I do add the photos I usually adjust the text and add some additional comments. It’s now 1330 and I still haven’t had lunch nor done any work.

I finally went out a little after 1400 and stopped at Super Taqueria for a super burrito. Yum!. Then I stopped by Leale’s RV repair to check on getting a new wiper arm for the motorhome. Tammy, the service rep, is checking on a source. It can be a problem for an old RV, especially an orphan RV. I then headed home. Hamburgers for dinner. In the evening we went to a musical  production at Gunn High School called Alice in Healthcareland. They do wonderful productions each year with a cast of about 300 student and teachers. Students from both the high school and two junior high schools are involved. The production level matches any professional production. Great show.

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