Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shell/Avila Beach Bluff Trail

Thursday: (03/06) Last night we noticed that one of the “best” campsites, located by the creek, was vacant. We thought, we hoped it would still be in the morning. Lou and I took a walk through the campground and the campsite was occupied but the people looked like they were leaving. Oh great, some travelers. Lou sat while I got the jeep and moved it to the site. We were moved into our new site before 0800. Great view of the ocean, the butterfly forest and the meadow from the site. Lou made bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast.

RV City Water Inlet RV Broken Gray Water Line
Today Lou and Dawn visited Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande thrift stores and I visited RV World for parts. A connector for the city water inlet, a flange for the gray water valve, and a clearance light lens. Some things take a little time to fix and if the repair isn’t urgent, even longer. The city water coupler broke in Alaska a couple of years ago. We just use the tank water and have no problems. The gray water valve flange broke coming off the lift in Panguitch, Utah last May.  A little friction tape stopped the leak and now the connection is flexible. Still, they will eventually be repaired, especially now that I have the parts.

RV Broken Clearance Lamp Lens
Got the first two and still need the lens.

Then it was time for Lou to drop me off in Shell Beach for my hike. I hiked from Shell Beach to Cave Landing (near Avila) along the Bluff trail and back along the Ontario Ridge Trail.

A nice 3.7 mile hike with an elevation change of 771 feet, most of that in less than 1/4 mile. Some nice views of the ocean and area from the bluffs above the beach and way up on the mountain ridge above that on the return trip. Then I walked most of the way back to Pismo Beach before Lou picked me up.

Shell_Avila Bluff Trail South End Shell_Avila Bluff Trail Looking North
The South end of the Bluff trail at the end of the road North of Shell Beach. It passes along the top of the bluff. On the inland side there is a row of very expensive homes for the first part of the trail.

Shell_Avila Bluff Trail Pirates Cove Shell_Avila Bluff Trail Pirates Cove
Above left looking North towards Pirates Cove at Cave Landing. On the right is the bluff the trail pasted above as seen from Cave landing.

Shell_Avila Bluff Trail Cave Landing Shell_Avila Bluff Trail  Looking No To Avila
The cave at Cave Landing. On the right looking North from the sea side of the cave.

Shell_Avila Bluff Trail  Cave Landing Flowers Ontario Ridge Trail North End
Some flowers by the trail to the cave. On the right is the North end of the Ontario Ridge Trail. Both ends of the trail look very uninviting with “No Public Access” or “No Trespassing” signs. Evidently the signs mean nothing since there were a lot of fellow hikers on the trail and it’s well worn.

Ontario Ridge Trail Ontario Ridge Trail View Of Shell Beach
A nice view of the trail along the top of the ridge and a view of Shell Beach below.

Ontario Ridge Trail Ontario Ridge Trail South End
Another less glorious view of the ridge trail. The South end of the trail is as inviting as the North End.

Shell Beach Road Flowers
Some flowers along Shell Beach Road.

For dinner we returned to Pismo Fish and Chips. After dinner we went to SLO to the Farmers Market.

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