Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thinking About Hiking While It Rains

Saturday: (03/29) Off to our weekly grocery shopping run. Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Sprout’s. We even visited Safeway. I couldn’t locate Carnation Instant Breakfast. Safeway had it but my problem had been that’s not what is called anymore. It’s Carnation Essentials. Anyway, I wanted some to try out for the hike. Could make fore quick starts. Time is running out and I need to prepare my food supplies for the first few weeks of the hike. I think I’ll plan on preparing supplies for the hike from the border to Highway 58. That is 566 miles from the border and about one month along the trail. I can get a ride to Bakersfield and prepare supplies for the next phase. Depending on the snow reports I could hover in Bakersfield until conditions are good to go on through the Sierra’s.

We usually start the shopping morning with a breakfast sandwich for me and coffee for Lou and Dawn. Bad habit. Lou and Dawn made cheese blintzes and sausage for breakfast. It was a rainy day today with some good down pours in between sprinkles all day. I did get a little work done on the drip system mods needs for the new plants brought out from the greenhouse. Water isn’t needed now but it will be and I’ll be gone. I also cleaned up and unplugged the dishwasher. It had all sorts of things in the sprayers, pump and filters that were preventing it from cleaning the dishes. Now it works like new. Most of the day I was busy working on my pack list for the hike. On my spreadsheet my base pack weight (without water and food) is 22 pounds. Not great, but not at all bad.I’m also starting to finalize my schedule. Here it is in its infancy.

I also made a couple of doctor appointments for Monday to get checked out.

Dinner was BBQ ribs with some of the most garlic-ie potatoes ever made. Dawn also prepared artichoke stuffed mushrooms.

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