Thursday, July 3, 2014

Four Open Spaces Hike

Thursday: (07/03) Today I lead a nine mile hike through four open space preserves at the top of Page Mill Road. Normally my hikes are on Fridays but last week there was a conflict with another hike so mine was on Thursday. Today, the conflict is the holiday tomorrow, so another Thursday hike.

Monte Bello, Skyline, Russian Ridge, and Coal Creek Open Space Loop

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This is a popular loop hike through the Monte Bello Ridge, Skyline Ridge, Russian Ridge and Coal Creek Open Space Preserves above Palo Alto. The loop is a moderate 9 mile hike including several short hill climbs. On this hike the temperature was in the mid 80's but the slight breeze and abundant dispersed shade helped make for a nice hike. We had 20 hikers for the hike. With rather clear skies, our views were good both inward to the San Francisco Bay and outward to the Pacific Ocean. The water of the ocean was covered with some low lingering fog though.

In the evening I started processing photos that I've taken for the past few months. More work to be done but I did discover that my new camera makes a little movie comprised of a short video segment at about the time each picture is taken. It combines them into a daily movie. I now must be more careful to point the camera longer before I snap a photo to keep from seeing my shoes so often. I sort of remember now making such a setting when I setup the camera. Modern toys are so interesting. Here is today's video.


I fixed hotdog hash for breakfast. I had my usual trail tuna salad and crackers on the hike. We met Cecilia and Courtney at Harry's Haufbrau in Redwood City for dinner.

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