Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Home Again, For Now

Tuesday: (07/22) I did some work in the yard after morning tea in the yard. We also added a couple of things in the neighbors cleanup day special garbage pickup. We don't really need the old dish washer and hat water tank that adorned our yard. Lou had a couple of appointments today. she reached 120 degrees today!  A little more yard work in the afternoon. I had a dental appointment. I had a crown adjusted and filling repaired. Wiener hash scramble for breakfast. A pork football (Dim Sum) for lunch. Carnitas nachos ala Lou for dinner.

Now I just need to get my gear together and get a train ticket to resume my hike. Also need to decide where, exactly, I'll resume from and prepare my resupply boxes.

TSA Meeting 0599 Traffic Ops Center 0592
Wednesday: (07/23) Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I was off to a meeting in San Jose where I used to work. The Traffic Signal Association meeting had some speakers presenting a new controller cabinet and UPS systems. But, the real reason to go was to see the people where I used to work. Nice to the  the Traffic Operations Center working. Nice visit. Lunch was a sandwich and soup at our local Corner Bakery with Lou and Dawn. After my nap, I started hike planning and preparation.  Lou made tuna steaks with rice and a Waldorf salad.

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