Saturday, August 27, 2016

Home For A Break

Saturday: (8/27) Granola for breakfast. Washing clothes today. Sausage and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Lou made BBQ ribs, baked potatoes and broccoli slaw for dinner. I was busy with mail, and catching up.
Sunday: (08/28) Breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. I managed to spill tea on my laptop power supply and kill it. Fortunately not the laptop itself. I enjoyed probably the last of our berries from the bush this morning. Dinner at Super Taqueria. After dinner we visited Cecelia and Courtney at their place.
Monday: (08/29) Lou made a nice smoked corned beef with fried potatoes and eggs. Lou and Dawn were busy most of the day with appointments. I called the Jeep dealer about having the Jeep looked at because of the Service Engine light being on. They didn’t call back so I drove down. I left it and took a walk to the shopping center. I had lunch at Oakridge Mall. I looked at several places for a new base for our portable XM receiver. Couldn’t find one. I also visited the Bass pro Shop, evidently the only place around that has live worms which Dawn needs for her tadpole. I returned to the dealer and the car “had just gone into the shop”. I waited for about an hour in their waiting room working on this blog and ordering things from Amazon including the XM receiver base. I got the car back after diagnostics, reseating the loose connector and a road test. I then headed off to the San Jose house to turn off all the fans I’d left on before we left town. It smells good now. Steak, asparagus and pasta for dinner.
Tuesday: (08/30) I made a sausage egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I had a doctors appointment this morning to get a spot on my hand looked at and talk with the doctor about my sore knee. She burnt three spots off my hand and gave me some exercises for my knee. On the way home I stopped for dim sum for lunch. At home I tinkered at the computer much of the rest of the day. Macaroni and cheese with sausage for dinner. Lou and Dawn were off to a author talk at a bookstore.
Wednesday: (08/31) Final pack loading and hike prep to leave tomorrow.

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