Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PCT Hike MM972 To MM985 Sore Knee

PCT MM972 to MM985 0824160744_HDR PCT MM972 to MM985 0824161027
Wednesday: (08/24) Nice morning views.
PCT MM972 to MM985 0824161138 PCT MM972 to MM985 0824161354a
A fellow hiker and I traded taking photos of each other. I also saw these interesting mushrooms.
PCT MM972 to MM985 0824161049_Pano
The big picture.
PCT MM972 to MM985 0824161726
A nice multi log river crossing.
Lots of steps on steep grades today. I felt good but didn’t make many miles. I stopped at 1930 just at the top of my second long climb which was mostly high steps on rock steps. Several nice lakes at the top of my first climb. My right knee didn’t like the climb and about 1/4 of the way up began hurting  so the left worked extra hard going the rest of the way up. I camped at MM985, 13 miles today.

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