Monday, August 22, 2016

PCT Hike MM942 To MM956 Tuolumne River

Monday: (08/22) Breakfast at Lake View Restaurant. Not my kind of breakfasts but nice grounds. Scrambled eggs and toast for me, yogurt and fruit for Lou and a blueberry coffee cake for Dawn. We headed up to Tuolumne Meadows. I checked at the Wilderness Office then prepared to leave. I then noticed I didn’t have any of my collapsible water bottles. I’ll have to make do with 3 liters for this section. On trail at 1000 from MM942.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161015 PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161054
Leaving from Toulumne Meadows starts on a section of dirt road.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161115 PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161123
Toulumne Meadows and river.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161158a PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161159
A couple of views of the Toulumne River.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161209a PCT MM942 to MM956 0822160953a
The Toulumne River runs down the almost solid rock heading down toward Glen Aulin. On the right I’m already to start from Toulumne meadows.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161233b PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161241a
Lots of rock steps, or in this case they are almost ramps. In fact there is a whole lot of rock in the area, some really big.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161254a PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161520
Lunch at Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp looking at the waterfall.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161521_HDR PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161843
Fairly nice trail after Glen Aulin. On the right above is my campsite.
PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161843b PCT MM942 to MM956 0822161844
Above left is my first placement of my bear can. it looks lonely way over there. A nice river confluence was right next to the campsite.
I stopped for the night at MM956 beside a river. Made 14 miles today. pretty good for a late start.

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