Sunday, August 14, 2016

Some Time At Home

Sunday: (08/14) A nice not busy day. Sunday morning shows. Tinkering on the computer. And basically little else. Dawn had her story telling meeting tonight. Lou’s mushroom Benedicts for breakfast. Hamburgers for lunch. I made enchiladas for dinner.
Monday: (08/15) Today’s menu was exiting. Enchiladas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lou and Dawn were off to a dentist appointment. I met an installer who replaced the broken windshield on the Jeep.  Lou did bring home an afternoon treat of some dim sum. We also visited our local Verizon store and got a new phone for Lou and a new iPad for Dawn. Lou managed to clean her old phone in the washer. A definitely quicker way to reach the inoperative state than my method but the result is the same.
Tuesday: (08/16) Lou and I headed off to South San Jose early to the jeep dealer for our appointment. The Jeep went in to get it’s transfer case replaced due to a intermittent recurring fault light. Seems severe but evidently necessary. We picked up our loaner car and headed off  to breakfast at Bill’s Cafe nearby. Lou picked up a purse similar to hers at the thrift store so she can add a bigger flap on the phone pocket of here purse for her bigger phone. She and Dawn went out to see the movie “Pete’s Dragon” in the afternoon. I prepared an inventory of what I have and what i need for my resupply packages for my next three weeks of hiking. Then i went out and bought what I didn’t have. Dim Sum pork footballs for lunch. I made a pot of spaghetti for dinner.

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