Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Camp Richardson, At Lake Tahoe

Tuesday: (09/13) Bread pudding for breakfast. We spent quite a while finishing up preparing to leave. We left the house about 1330 and decided to go to Chili’s restaurant for lunch before we left so drove the motorhome towing the jeep to Mountain View’s Chili’s. Dawn and I had their special $10 lunch which included a hamburger, green salad, french fries, and lava cake with ice cream. Lou had soup. Amazing. After our nice lunch we were on the road at 1430. Traffic was heavy and came to a near standstill at I5. We jumped over to Hwy 99 then North to Hwy 88. We figured traffic would remain bad all the way through Sacramento so we just avoided the town. No traffic on either. Highway 88 heads all the way to near Lake Tahoe with a short 11 mile connection via Hwy 89 over to Hwy 50 at South Lake Tahoe. The only problem is that it climbs up another 2000 feet then back down to Lake Tahoe. our poor motorhome still has a problem with power and couldn’t make the last mile to the top so we had to disconnect the jeep for the rest of the trip into town. We had dinner along the way beside the road.
Camp Richardson SP 0914160909
We pulled into Camp Richardson about 2200 and quickly parked and went to bed. Setup tomorrow. A bit of leveling will be needed.
Wednesday: (09/14) I took Lou and Dawn by Keye’s Cafe for breakfast. That’s where I had breakfast a few days ago when I was here. Nice place. Then we toured the area and visited a slew of thrift stores. We had a late lunch at Chevy’s Restaurant along the way. More thrift stores then on home for a nap. Then it was time to position the RV and level it as best possible. Lou served salmon with a fruit salad and leftover rice and beans from lunch.

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