Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back Home

Wednesday: (09/21) It started raining about 0200 and continued through the morning. I decided to leave. During a lull in the rain, I readied the RV to roll. I departed camp about 0915. I drove over the Historic estate's site near the camp. it was raining pretty good so I decided to come back another time. I headed out of town at 0930. I was home about 1500. Lou and Dawn were already home and busy with appointments. Banana and some blueberry muffin stuff for breakfast. Lunch at Xochimilco Cafe, a great Mexican restaurant in downtown Stockton, Ca. Nice beef enchilada and chili relleno. Lou made a pot roast with green beans and baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (09/22) Lou made her portobello mushroom and ham eggs for breakfast. We drove over to Santa Cruz for the day. Dinner at 99 Bottles Of beer Restaurant. In the evening, and the reason we came over, we attended authors talk at the Santa Cruz Book Store. Craig Johnson, the author of the Longmire series of books and basis of the Longmire TV series, was the speaker. A very funny guy and a great speaker.

Friday: (09/23) Breakfast at Bill’s Cafe in Midtown. Cecelia joined us. I was then off to the Jeep dealer for an oil change. It isn't like Jiffy Lube and took 2.5 hours. Free but untimely. I shopped around nearby. On the way home I had Dim Sum for lunch. I made grilled Gouda cheese pastrami sandwiches for dinner. In the evening we started another binge viewing of the new Longmire TV season that was released tonight by Netflix.

Saturday: (09/24) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I received the new radio for the motorhome and opened the box and read the installation manual. I know, odd isn’t it. I opened the dash and removed the old radio and looked at the wiring. it’s too hot today to be in the RV doing this kind of work. Should be cooler in a day or two. High 90′s today and tomorrow. A nice roast beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were away all day with rummage sales and a party. In the late afternoon, I got the welder out and made a bar with hooks to hang some baskets from the swing. Dinner at Mi Pueblo Market in East Palo Alto. Dawn and I shared a torta Cubano and Lou had beef ribs.
Plant hanger bar added to swing.

Sunday: (09/25) Leftover hash for breakfast. Another hot day. I puttered in the yard all morning preparing the hanging baskets, pruning the wisteria and other details lie relaxing. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were out to a book sale. I finally came inside about 1400. We binged on some more Longmire episodes. Lou made chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday: (09/26) Lou and I were off to do some grocery shopping first thing. Another hot day so I considered it a do nothing day and successfully did nothing. Lou and Dawn did a Costco run in the afternoon. Finished the current Longmire series today as well. Later granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou’s smoked corned beef with a green salad and baked beans for dinner.

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