Saturday, September 17, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1127 To MM1108, Desolation Wilderness

PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Boy Scout Troop 0917160650 PCT MM1127 To MM1108 North Of Barker Pass 0917160815
Saturday: (09/17) Up before the scouts (above left), on trail at 0725. Enjoyed a table for brunch at Barkers Pass. Met a member of Tahoe Rim Trail Association who was there to resupply a group of their hikers. I met their 19 Hikers a couple miles down trail.
PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Richardson Lake 0917161239_HDR
Jim a trail runner caught up to me at Lake Richardson (above left), about 7 miles from Barker Pass. He mentioned there was a hiker behind me doing the southern half of the PCT. Shortly, I enjoyed a break as Cookie caught up to me. I greeted her with “you must be the half section hiker.”  We discussed the hike, comparing notes. She eventually asked how I knew about her hike. I explained the trail telegraph told me, Jim the runner.
PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Lake Fontanillis 0917161901 PCT MM1127 To MM1108 Lake Fontanillis Campsite  0917161931
Huckleberry and Macro from Mill Valley and another hiker passed me a mile before my destination at Fontanillis Lake (above left). Nice campsite at MM1108 but a bear to find and get to because it was located up in the boulders. I had to scramble up the rocks and boulders to it. Completed 19 miles today. 18 miles to go.

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