Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pinnacles Hikes 2016

Saturday: (12/03) We spent the morning packing and readying the RV to leave. Had to stop for LPG and gas on our way out about 1230. Stopped in Hollister for a stretch. Arrived at Pinnacles CG about 1530. Granola for breakfast. Cheese sandwiches with veggies for lunch. Hamburger steaks with leftover pot roast veggies for dinner.

Sunday: (12/04) Lou baked an omelet for breakfast. I went through my pack for the upcoming hikes. We had ice creams Grimm the store about noon then I caught the shuttle to High Peaks TH. I hiked out the South Wilderness trail to its end at the park boundary. I was scouting for Friday’s hike looking for a better connection from where we come down the mountain. We’ve always jumped the fence and followed a road to the park boundary and the South Wilderness Trail. I continued past the end of the trail by the edge of a pig was a rugged path, not anything like a trail. I don’t think it’s usable. I also continued past where we’ve joined the road before to see if there is a possible path just up and over the last hill rather then alongside it. Nope. I stopped when I came to a pond across the road. No way to go around. So I had lunch at 3pm then headed back via the road. Good thing. I came to another flooded section of road. I spent a lot of time trying to find a way around but there was no way. I took off my socks and waded through. A while later there was another flooded section. Neither of these was here the past two years.

I God back to the end of the South trail and dried my feed, cleaned the shoes and put my socks back on. It was 1610 when I started back. I was back at camp about 5pm. Lou made tri-tip roast with asparagus and baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday: (12/05) Granola and sausage for breakfast. I meant my fellow hikers at the Visitor Center at 0930 for our hike. We carpooled from there to Bear Gulch TH. We hiked up Condit Gulch to High Peaks Trail. At the junction wet 8th the Juniper Trail we got to watch four condors flying and landings nearby. Almost as if the put on a show for us when we arrived. There was a naturalist Condit volunteer there that told a lot about condors as well. Another lucky Pinnacles hike. We then hiked down to the reservoir and back to our start point via Bear Gulch Caves. Back to camp about 1430. Enchiladas for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/06) Sausage and cheese sandwich for breakfast. 20 hikers joined me for a hike up to the high peaks and down to the West side Chaperal picnic area for lunch. We then hiked the Balconies Trail through the caves back to our start. After a shower and washing my clothes I dump our holding tanks. Lou and Dawn returned from their hike about to the ranch house. BBQ ribs with baked potato and southwestern corn. Lou and Dawn had squash as well.



Wednesday: (12/07) Lou made bacon eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I abstained from eating the eggs. Sensitive tummy. I met my deploy 9 Hikers for a hike of the North Wilderness Trail. Even with a threat of rain, we had a great hike returning to our start at 2r3p, the same as on Monday and Tuesday even though ranch day is two miles longer than the previous day. A little relaxing and a shower and I was back to normal. Ham, rice, and peas for dinner.

Thursday: (12/08) We were at the City Cafe restaurant in Hollister by 0830 for breakfast. Lou and I shared an everything omelet with pancakes and Dawn had pumpkin pancakes. We then toured town shopping, mostly thrift stores. Before heading home we picked up dinner at Super Taqueria. Dawn and I shared a burrito and Lou had quesadillas. We were home just as it got dark (1700). It drizzled all day. A group of our fellow SJMWHG hikers enjoyed their hike in the rain.

Friday: (12/09) A ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Five other SJMWH met me for a hike of the South Wilderness loop. The weather report for today, fortunately, is much better. As it turned out We didn't have any rain during the hike. The three girls led the three guys the whole hike. It was Susan’s birthday and Lisa had brought a BD cake which we enjoyed on our return. Koi made salmon rice and green beans for dinner.

Saturday: (12/10) Lou made corned beef hash for breakfast. We walked out the ranch house. They had seen it before I hadn’t yet. We had a little ran before we got up and out. It was raining from Hollister North. They drove the Jeep separately to Gilroy and checked out the thrift and bookstores. I drove the RV and stopped and looked around at Best Buy in Gilroy. They I relaxed in the RV and worked on my photos from the past week. I then headed home when we decided not to have an early dinner in Gilroy. When I got home at 1430 I started working the meetup and facebook posts and photos an reviewing email. I had chili for dinner, they had something in Gilroy.

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