Sunday, December 11, 2016

San Jose Tree Trimming

Sunday: (12/11) Granola for breakfast. I worked in the office in the morning. Lou and Dawn took a walk at Fry’s Electronics. Later I moved the washer back into the house. We all went to LUU Noodle House for lunch. Lou made beef stroganoff with Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Monday: (12/12) A second night of no sleep. I had a hike scheduled for this morning but canceled it. Fortunately not my lead. Soft boiled eggs with sausage and a muffin for breakfast. I relaxed at home today. Lou and Dawn were out to an appointment. I had PBJ toast for lunch. Lou brought home some dim sum for me as well. They had lunch out. Leftovers for dinner. Salton called in the evening to say the neighbor in San Jose said that tree trimmers would be there trimming tomorrow. Also mentioned that there was a problem with the dryer vent.

Tuesday: (12/13) I was up early and off to San Jose for breakfast at La Victoria taqueria. I needed to get to the San Jose house to watch as the neighbor trims their gigantic tree that covers half our rear yard and to other yards and all of their yard plus a good portion of to other yards. The fly by night crew started late, had a problem with their one chain saw and had to get it fixed and started by trimming all the trees in another neighbor's yard before starting the big tree. While they were indisposed, i headed off to OSH and Home Depot looking for gutter filters, none found. They got just one of the 20* limbs trimmed before dark. Lou and Dawn brought a pizza by for lunch from House of Pizza. Yum! I have lunch for the next three days so I guess I’ll be working in San Jose for a while. I did get the dryer vent cleaned out, unnecessary, it was clean. The burning was probably a piece of plastic melted onto the dryer interior. I also replaced the heater filter in the attic. I headed home about 1730 stopping at two Lowe’s and a home depot looking for rain gutter filters. I want to keep the leaves out of the gutter. Nobody has them now that I want them. I did pickup a gutter lid like I have in Palo Alto. It may work. I picked up some onions at Sprout’s market on the way home as requested by Lou. Dawn made zucchini and sausage for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/14) Off early again. Breakfast at La Victoria.  I relaxed inside. The tree crew eventually showed up and trimmed another limb and then called it quits a bit after noon. I had leftover pizza for lunch. I then cleaned a couple of gutters that were already full. The gutter cap I bought to try out didn’t work. The gutter is too high on the fascia. I researched foam gutter filters and ordered some from Lowe’s to try. On the way home I stopped at the Sunnyvale OSH and they had a few gutter filters. Very expensive at $9 for 4 feet. The ones I ordered from Lowe’s were about $6 each. I can get them for as little as $3.50 with a longer delivery period. Baked potato, sweet onion chili sizes for dinner.

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