Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ready For The Freeze

Thursday: (12/01) I moved a bunch of plants into the greenhouse. Not all like usual. Most are going to have to rough it. We headed off to Redwood City for some shopping. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so we stopped at Chavez Market and I had a breakfast burrito and Lou and Dawn had flan for lunch.Pot roast for dinner. I installed to door covers on the greenhouse to close it for winter.

Friday: (12/02) Ham eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Our big screen TV in the living room is having a problem with its tuner. It freezes. So I ordered a Tablo device. It has four tuners, records OTA TV and allows live TV via home WiFi. Amazon had one-day delivery. We all headed off to South San Jose. Lou had an appointment and we shopped around. Lunch at Panera Bread. Harry’s Hofbrau for dinner. Lou and Dawn went to San Jose State to the Kaucher Mitchell Event and I caught the bus home. When the Tablo arrived I hooked it up. Now can watch live TV or recorded TV on any of our TV’s, phones, or computers. Boy Dawn can go wild with the PlayOn app recording any online video and the Taboo any OTA video. I’m sure the 9TB storage will be full soon.
The Mall in San Jose has interesting escalators.

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