Friday, December 22, 2017

Back Home

Friday: (12/22) Lou and Dawn were busy doing the laundry from our trip. We decided we needed a cat door on Ernie’s trailer. So I searched Amazon and read reviews of the various door. We then visited Pet Smart to look at some. At home, I tinkered in the RV replacing the shower hose and trying to adjust the level indicator by the driver. The auto system leaves the RV nose down a degree or two. Granola for breakfast. Ham an cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn made stew for dinner.

Saturday: (12/23) I did little today mostly working on the computer and organizing photos on it. My back has been bothering me so I’m taking some time off. Maybe I’ll get some photos posted. It’s been over a year since I posted many. Breakfast was granola and a banana. For dinner, Ernie took us all to Harry’ Hofbrau for a Christmas dinner.

Sunday: (12/24) Popcorn for breakfast. Lou was off early with our neighbor grocery shopping. She and I went out later to get some Christmas presents. Otherwise, I tinkered with the computer and watched murder mysteries on TV. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. For dinner, we met Courtney at Harry’s Hofbrau. Quite a crowd since most restaurants were closed early.

Today is our mom’s birth date. Both Lou and my mom’s birthday is the same today. My mom passed away in 1990 but would have been 107 today.

Monday: (12/25) I cooked smoked pork chops with potatoes and eggs for breakfast. We all were busy doing house cleaning much of the morning. I removed the damaged sun shade cover that was blown to pieces in the wind storm last week while we were gone. Lou and Dawn were busy baking and cooking as well. At 1400 Meili, Cecelia, Courtney, and Ernie joined us for a potluck Christmas dinner. We don’t overdo it recently but still enjoy a nice feast. In the evening we enjoyed our Christmas pies and cake.

Tuesday: (12/26)A nice clear but cold day. Leftover fried potatoes with a wiener for breakfast. I installed a cat door in a compartment door of Ernie’s trailer. It’s one of two doors he and his cat Hobbs got for Christmas. If Hobbs gets used to the outside door, I’ll install the inside door. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. In the afternoon I removed the doors on the lower cabinets in the bedroom. They are difficult to open against the end of the bed and are always in the way. I also removed the upper wire basket hangers as well. Lou bought more plastic storage boxes which will fit in the space and be easier to get in to and organize better. They can also be removed as needed for access when the bed slide is in and blocks access to the cabinets.Chicken tacos for dinner. After dinner, Lou and Dawn headed off to IKEA for a walk. I headed to REI to look for a new backpack. My daypack is pretty worn so I wanted a new day hike pack. I got a 34L Marmot Graviton pack so I can do an overnighter as well.

Wednesday: (12/27) Another col clear day. We had a relaxing morning and finally headed out for the day. We stopped for breakfast an Joanie’s Cafe on California Street in Palo Alto before continuing North. We parked on Laurel Avenue in San Carlos and visited a thrift store then explored the other shops. A visit to Home Depot and another thrift store before stopping fr dinner at Chavez Market Taqueria on the way home.

Thursday: (12/28) We tinkered in the RV today installing eyelets and making bungee cords for our lower cabinets in bedroom. I also moved into my new backpack. I found stuff in the old pack never used before. The new pack can be opened like a clam so maybe easier to know what is lurking inside. Leftovers for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Beef log with Cheese and crackers for dinner

Rancho Canada Del Oro
Friday: (12/29) I prepared a sausage egg and cheese hikers breakfast. Lou and Dawn held out for a later breakfast in Gilroy. We left about 0830 and arrived at the trailhead at 0915. @0 of us hiked a big 9.5 mile loop of Calero Park and Rancho Canada Del Oro OSP. We finished the hike about 1315. Chris, the hike leader, had brought cookies he had made for post-hike snack. Yum! About 2 miles before the end of the hike I called Lou and advised her of my expected arrival back at the trailhead. They had dropped me off and continued down to Gilroy for breakfast at the Black Bear Restaurant. Then the visited the used bookstore in Gilroy. Dawn left a lot of books for them to go through and see what they wanted. They also found new books they wanted. I interrupted them when I called. They left when I called, filled the gas at Costco and headed off to pick me up. I waited about 40 minutes after all the other hikers had departed for them to arrive. They missed a turnoff. We returned to Gilroy to check some thrift stores, have a snack, and then have dinner at the Black Bear. Lou and Dawn wanted prime rib and I had a Chicken Fried Steak. We then headed home.

Saturday: (12/30) We made a shopping run with our neighbor. And that was about it for my day's accomplishments. Pie for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch and dinner

Sunday: (12/31) A relaxing Sunday morning. After our lunch out we walked around downtown Los Altos. Granola and Banana for breakfast. Lunch at Panera Bread Restaurant. Chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday: (01/01) We all headed out on the bus today. Hopefully a good start for the new year? Nothing special, just a run down El Camino Real intending to get some of my ciabatta bread and Bee’s Knees peanut butter at one of the other two Sprouts Markets. I can accept no substitutes. We had lunch out. Mine was from the China Wook, theirs from the market. Things lie MSG and cottonseed oil bothers Lou. Leftovers for dinner.

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