Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oceana County Park

Wednesday: (12/20) Leftover pork with sauerkraut potatoes fried as a hash and eggs for breakfast. I relaxed at home all morning and attended a webinar as well. Lou and Dawn went out thrifting. I relocated the latches on the sink cabinet doors. One keeps losing a screw and the other probably would have because they were installed in a joint of the door. I moved them further inward and all is well. For lunch, we went to Old Juan’s Mexican restaurant. In the afternoon Dawn visited a used bookstore and Lou and I went shopping. I bought a new latch for the drawer below the oven which was broken. I installed it when we got home. I also bought some heavier weight struts for the bed lid. The previous ones, which I just installed were 80#. I got 120# replacements and installed them and it lifts more easily now. Lou visited the dealer where we bought the RV and asked about a part they have to order. They are having trouble finding it so we’ll stop by tomorrow on our way out of town for them to take more photos and measurements. Lou made me a chili size and she and Dawn had pickled tongue sandwiches.

Thursday: (12/21) Breakfast at the Country Kitchen in Arroyo Grande. We then returned to camp for showers and prepared to leave. We left about 1000 and stopped by Sky River RV so they can take photos and measurements of the sewer service bay floor replacement they are having difficulty locating. We then took a walk out to the beach and visited the Monarch butterflies at the Pismo Beach SP grove. It was then time for lunch at Pismo Fish and Chips restaurant. This is their first day open after a three week closure which they do each year and this time. After a walk around the village of Pismo, we hit the road toward home. We stopped in Greenfield at San Miguel Ranch Market for some flan and other shopping. We arrived home about 1830.

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