Thursday, November 15, 2018

Back In The Mix And Smoke

Thursday: (11/15) Air quality extremely unhealthy (229). I worked outside a little. I removed some of the edge forms and laid some bricks for a temporary home for the garbage cans. I also received the delivery of three pallets of concrete mix and 3.5 pallets of bricks for the walkways. After lunch a trip to Harbor Freight to get some tarps. I think I managed to minimize my work activity to make Lou a little happier due to the smoky air. Lou and Dawn headed to san Jose for an appointment and to do some shopping. Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Burrito from El Gruelense for dinner.

Friday: (11/16) A smokey day mostly inside. About 1400 I finally went outside and did a little work. I added some 2x2 boards to the bottom of the driveway fence to support the bottom of the kickboards at the bottom of the fence. I also installed half of the ripple boards on the greenhouse roof. Big problem discovered. When i tried to install the first piece of roofing I discovered the ripple board didn’t fit the roofing panels. There were 9 ripples per 2 foot on the boards and only eight on the panels. I really find this hard to believe. Evidently looking similar isn’t enough. I’ll have to see if there are correct panels available that fit the ripple boards. All this came from Home Depot so I hope they also have the correct panels. I wonder how the air quality inside the HD store is? Popcorn for breakfast. Chili size for lunch.  Hamburgers for dinner.

Saturday: (11/17) Pumpkin bread and leftover burrito for breakfast. Another smoky day inside? About 1000 I put on my N95 mask and started to work outside. I made a run to Home Depot to check their roofing at the East Palo Alto store. They had the correct type of corrugated roofing for the greenhouse. I bought a piece of the ripple board to confirm it is the proper 4 ripple per foot not like the 4.5 ripple I already have. I bought what I needed and also stopped by the City’s hazardous waste disposal site and got rid of our collection of hazardous things. At home I had lunch then started to work on the roof. It wasn’t easy getting access to attach each panel. It required moving plants and squeezing between the roof framing and plant hangers. I also got distracted by having to prune a tree over my shop and clear all the leave debris from the roof to get access for the final panels installation. That required trimming it into pieces and loading it into our two 90 gallon compost dumpsters. I finished the roof and put things away as it was getting dark. After a shower and dinner, we all went to the Telebration storytelling event. Dawn was one of the tellers. Leftovers for lunch. Dawn’s stew for dinner.

Sunday: (11/18) Busy doing the final tasks to leave. I loaded up leftover materials and made a run to Lowe’s and Home Depot to return things. Lou came along to get some nuts and bolts needed to add cup holders to our tabletop silverware basket. I washed windows, checked oil and tires, dumped and filled the tanks as required and did final packing. We eventually departed about 1500. We got gas at Costco and some groceries and dinner  at Walmart in Gilroy. We stopped near Bradley (Camp Roberts) at a rest stop for the night. Pumpkin cake with peaches for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chicken caesar wrap and potato soup for dinner.

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