Friday, November 30, 2018

Bothersome Rainy Days

Friday: (11/30) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I relaxed all morning watching TV. It’s a nice non-rain day so couldn’t waste it all. I had a wiener and cheese sandwich for lunch. After lunch I drove the RV down to get LPG. Then i started working on the forms for Ernie’s shed. I had some problems determining the height of the slab. It seems I set the top of the Baserock 4 inches low for the slab. I want it to match the level of Dawn’s shed.  I got the form for the first pour set. Tomorrow I’ll check the level again and then start adding some baserock. Lou made beef stroganoff and Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Saturday: (12/01) Granola for breakfast. I relaxed again today. We stopped by at Subway Sandwiches for lunch. At 1500 we went to a 20 Harp concert in Los Altos. One of the hikers from San Jose Midweek Hikers was playing one of the harps and several from the group attended the concert. A nice evening and a good beginning to the Christmas season. We stopped by Safeway on the way home and picked up some soup for dinner.

Sunday: (12/02) A subway sandwich for breakfast. A slow start in the morning. I filled a bunch of water bottles for the RV to restock it. I eventually got outside and decided that I didn’t want to raise Ernie’s floor rather I’ll raise his walls the 4 inches to match Dawn’s shed. That makes the walkway easier to level and drain. I decided to replace the two 2x4’s I was using with straight ones so we all went off to Home Depot in East Palo to for lunch at a Mexican market and to get the 2x4’s. When we got home I got busy and finished the forms in install the rebar. The first slab is ready to pour. I also cleaned the rain gutter to my shop. 

Monday: (12/03) Maybe I’m just lazy today? The sun was out on a nice day but i stayed inside and worked in the office. Since rain is expected early tomorrow morning i didn’t pour concrete today. A little to close before rains. Nothing else to do outside right now, so a day off. I checked on adding my old LGG4 phone to Google Fi and ordered a sim for it. It should work and costs nothing to try. I also ordered a MiFi device to try out with unlimited unthrottled service for $65/mo. Hope it works. I also scheduled a termite inspection and an appointment to get the shock absorbers replaced on the RV. Granola with diced apple for breakfast. Leftover beef stroganoff for lunch. A PBJ sandwich and a couple of weiners for dinner. 

Tuesday: (12/04) I had a Subway sandwich for breakfast. I tinkered today. I replaced the latch on the RV’s bedroom window, Moved some stuff out that might disappear at the RV shop tomorrow. I attended part of a webinar while I ate my breakfast. I laid out some brick pavers to see how they might fit. I installed a new light over the passenger seat. It’s a lot brighter than the spot light that was there. I was tinkering because today had a high probability of rain starting at 0600. That is also why I didn’t pour concrete yesterday. The rain started a little after 1500 so the concrete would have been fine if poured yesterday. Tomorrow more rain is expected so another day off from projects. Hopefully I can pour some concrete Thursday. Lunch from Dim Sum King. Leftovers for dinner.

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