Monday, November 19, 2018

Gone South For Cleaner Air

Monday: (11/19) We are not early risers. We had granola for breakfast before departing after 0800. The drive on down to Oceana was uneventful. We checked in very early into the last space available through the holiday weekend at Coastal Dunes RV Park in Oceano. Who knew so many families meet at campgrounds for their Thanksgiving dinners. No one ends up with a bunch of family messing up their house. We have enjoyed several holidays away for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Always enjoyable. We left town due to the bad air quality, AQI above 200. We headed south hoping the air was better. In Pismo Beach the AQI was below 60. Others are here are like us, escaping the bad air. I find it hard to believe anyone would consider having a campfire so they can sit and breath smoke? Why?
After setting up camp we headed off to breakfast at Francisco's Restaurant. I enjoyed a chili relleno and shared corned beef hash with Lou. Dawn had her favorite Rolled oatmeal with the fixings. We spotted a Seabreeze motorhome at the dealer we traded ours in to and stopped in to check it out. It wasn’t ours though. We did a little shopping before heading home for naps. I spent time working on Dawn’s laptop updating and trying to speed it up. We went to dinner across the street at Old Juan’s Cantina.

Tuesday: (11/20) We relaxed in the morning and finally hit the town. Lou and Dawn were visiting thrift stores here in Grover beach. I took a walk around town. After lunch i took a nap while they continued shopping. After dinner, Lou and I hopped in the car and headed back up to Palo Alto for appointments tomorrow. We stopped in Greenfield for a stretch and snack. We arrived home about 1020. Lou baked a chorizo omelet for breakfast. Spinach bacon salad for lunch. Lou made a corn chip casserole for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/21) Rainy day. Lou was fasting so I had breakfast from Happy Donut. I was off early to my dentist appointment I got my tooth installed on my implant. Since it replaces my tiny baby tooth eye tooth it now feels like a marble in my mouth, so much bigger. Mt brain should adjust, eventually. On the way home I picked up dim sum br lunch. Lou was off to a morning appointment. After Lou returned we relaxed then headed off about 1330 for another appointment. While Lou was at her appointment I did some shopping for out Thanksgiving dinner. When Lou was finished we picked up soup for dinner at Safeway. We were headed out of ton in the middle of the evening commute during a holiday rush. Going 10 mph until we passed highway 25 South of Gilroy took over an hour. We stopped for a stretch, and snack in Greenfield and arrived hack in Grover Beach just before 2200.

Thursday: (11/22) A relaxing day at home for the holiday. Rain gone today. We took a look through the Oceana State Park Visitor Center and walked through the campground looking for good sites. Also hiked through the dunes to the beach. Apple pie for breakfast. Our thanksgiving dinner at noon from Safeway. Leftovers for dinner.


Friday: (11/23) Happy birthday Lou. I prepared French toast for breakfast and we were off. We stopped at Costco for gas and Lou and Dawn left me there and headed to Paso Robles for a craft fair and to inspect the thrift store. I explored Costco, Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Grocery Outlet, Bed Bath and beyond, and Best Buy among many other shops. I found a gift for Lou and we also returned to BBB and Lou bought a Ninja air/pressure cooker for her birthday gift. I had lunch at Panda Express while Lou and Dawn had lunch at the Paso Robles Inn. They picked me up and we stopped for diner at Pismo Fish and Chips on the way home.

Saturday: (11/24) Mostly clear day. Dawn made an omelet for breakfast. We relaxed all morning. Leftover chip casserole for lunch. After lunch we drove down to SLO and toured the thrift stores and other shopping. I mostly napped while they shopped. Todahalf of the campers departed. Nice to have a better view again. When we returned we had chicken with rice and cold veggies for dinner.

Sunday: (11/25) Lou made corned beef hash for breakfast. When it was done, she discovered she forgot to add any corned beef, so it was just home fried potatoes. It was served with eggs and some sausages. We relaxed at home until mid afternoon. Lou and I walked through the Oceana Campground and identified the campsites we liked for future reference. We all then went to an early dinner at Pismo Fish And Chips. After a walk on the pier and a visit to the Post Office we were back home again.

Monday: (11/26) Leftover hash for breakfast. We packed up to travel and were on the road a little after 1000. We took Highway 166 to Bakersfield. We stopped in New Cuyama for milkshakes and a walk.When we arrived in Bakersfield a little after 1400 we stopped for lunch at the Golden Corral Buffet. After getting gas we headed out to the County RV Park at Lake Ming. We got a nice site by the river. We’ll be here three days before heading home. The smog here is worse than the coast being about an AQI of 80 but nothing like it was last week, so it’s a good time to visit Bakersfield. We listened to the owls and some coyotes in the evening.

Tuesday: (11/27) Leftover omelet for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were busy trying to fish in the Kern River next to our campsite. They didn’t catch anything. I relaxed all morning. We headed into town for lunch at the Rice Bowl Chinese restaurant. After visiting a nearby thrift store we drove out to visit Don And Judy, my cousin. About 1730 we headed off to visit a couple of more thrift stores and did a little grocery shopping before heading home. It is dark tonight with some fog. We saw a couple of racoons near our campsite.

Wednesday: (11/28) I acted as chauffeur and we visited a bunch of thrift stores. Leftovers for breakfast.  Lunch at a Mexican Market. Dinner at Woolgrowers with Anita, Don and Judy.

Thursday: (11/29) We were up early, had breakfast and prepared to roll. We were on the road by 0900. We had rain off and on all the way home with some really heavy downpours. We got a call that Dawn’s smoke alarm was sounding off intermittently. We stopped by the house on our way by and i removed the batteries. I’ll replace it later. It was fun enough driving in the really dark streets especially through the narrow traffic restricting curbs around Dawn’s place. Leftovers for breakfast.  Lunch at the olive Garden in Fresno. Snacks for dinner. Nice to be home.

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