Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Little Work, A Little Rain

Sunday: (12/23) I started my day by going by Courtney’s place and picking up an old futon frame. It has some nice dry wood that could be useful o I’ll disassemble it and stow the wood away.  Lou found some good looking garden soil at a neighbors driveway on a walk a couple of days ago. I stopped by and ask if I could have it and they said yes and there was more to come. They are removing an organic garden spot to put in a therapy course for their daughter. It is great looking soil I made several trips bringing 9 five gallon buckets each trip and backfilled the walkway by the garden. I also stockpiled some before the pile was gone. A neighbor across the street from the source was also hauling soil. Competition. On the last load, the wheel on my dumping cart fell apart. Good timing. After an afternoon nap, I took the wheel apart and welded the rim back together then reassembled the wheel. It’s out of alignment but may work for a while. Granola for breakfast. Chinese rice with wieners and cheese for lunch and dinner.


Monday: (12/24) We all went out shopping early then stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning  restaurant. It’s a rainy day today so no outside work, in fact no work for me. It’s not really hard to do nothing. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. A salad and some wieners for dinner. I received a letter from ATT asking if I wanted to signup for their fiber Internet service that they just started connecting in our neighborhood. No thanks. I am tired of ATT. That’s why I switched to Sonic for our DSL service. True it arrives at our house on ATT lines but it works much better and the billing is honest. Since ATT was offering fiber I thought that Sonic might be able to as well. They can. I scheduled an upgrade of our Sonic Internet service from DSL to fiber. It’s the same cost and at least five times as fast, theoretically. We seem to be struggling at about 8-10mbs. With the slowest fiber thay say it will deliver 50mbs. The monthly fee is identical and no installation charge so it’s a no brainer.

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