Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day

Tuesday: (12/25) Christmas breakfast with Ernie at  A Good Morning  restaurant. The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home. I tinkered on the computer. In the vain of communications improvement and consolidation, I moved my old cell phone from Total Wireless, which was good service with 15GB for $50/month, to my Verizon account. I set up the Verizon account when I bout a Jetpack MiFi modem last month. It provides unlimited, unthrottled data service for $65/month. It has worked well so I added the old phone to Verizon as a second unlimited device for $45/month. These are both prepaid devices. Prepaid is much cheaper than our old post paid account. No hidden fees, taxes, etc. Just a flat rate. It all continues to work well, I’ll be moving Lou and Dawn’s phones over as well. They currently post pay $163 for 10gb for one home, 3gb for the other and service for one tablet. I can move them to prepaid service on my account and pay only $115 for all three with unlimited as well. We had leftovers for dinner from our Thanksmas dinner the other day. After dinner we took a walk around the neighborhood.

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