Saturday, December 15, 2018

Rainy Daze

Saturday: (12/15) I managed to relax all day. Even though it was a nice day, I never went outside. I rather liked today. Granola and banana for breakfast. Cheese burger for lunch. Leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: (12/16) We went out grocery shopping first thing today. Lou and dawn headed off just before lunch and had lunch at Chavez Market in Redwood City along with some shopping while I stayed home for lunch. More relaxing the rest of the day while we had  some showers. I made bacon flavored spam hash with eggs for breakfast. For lunch I made pancakes with peanut butter and jam and ice cream. Leftover artichoke chicken with rice and asparagus for dinner.

Monday: (12/17) Out chasing big waves today. We drove up to San Mateo for breakfast at Jack’s restaurant. We then continued up to Daly City to the end of John Daly Ave for a look out over the ocean to look at the waves. We stopped further up along ocean beach in San Francisco then explored the Cliff House and the waves there. This storm supposedly provided the biggest waves in several years at 40-50’ high. It was quite impressive. On the way back we visited many thrift stores. We stopped for an early dinner (late lunch) at Neal’s Restaurant in Millbrae.

Tuesday: (12/18) Lou and I made a shopping run to Home Depot in Sunnyvale. I returned three pallets an Lou got some screws. After lunch I started doing the final grading for the brick walkway in the backyard. Lou assembled a bunch of of parts drawers into a hobby cart.
Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Leftover spam hash for lunch. Dawn made soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/19) I worked a couple of hours on the walkway leveling before having to cleanup for lunch. After lunch, I didn’t feel well so i napped the rest of the day. Leftover spam hash for breakfast. Ernie took us all to Marie Callender's for lunch. Leftover soup for dinner.

Thursday: (12/20) I spent the day outside, in the fog, extending a conduit under Ernie’s trailer and trimming and leveling the walkway. I think I finished it to the end of Ernies shed pad, most o the way. We expect rain tonight and tomorrow so likely a day off for me tomorrow. Granola for breakfast. Chili for lunch. Meatloaf with baked spud and peas for dinner.

Friday: (12/21) Lou and I were off early to do our grocery shopping. Stops at Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprout’s completed the task. I picked up breakfast at the McDonald’s in Walmart. At home I relaxed since it was raining today and even when it wasn’t it was wet outside. No need to play in the mud today. Leftover meatloaf with air fried french fries for lunch. PBJ toast with wieners for dinner.

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