Friday, July 24, 2020

More Tinkering In The Yard And Shop

Friday: (07/24) I did a bunch of little jobs today. I replaced all the lamps in the kitchen There are five lamps in two fixtures and we were down to ½ a lamp working. Quite dim in there. So I had to finally work on them .It isn’t an easy task changing the lamps on one because it is a custom lamp fissure and is hard to remove and install the lens. With that done I got to work replacing the faucet in our main bathroom. Fortunately, that went well but always fun to reach around behind the sink. I then repaired Lou’ smoker. The heating element wasn’t properly installed so I reassembled it properly and it worked. Funny how it wrecked for quite a while before. I took a short bike ride in the afternoon. I stopped for a chai latte on the way. Lou and Dawn have been busy cleaning out the old yard storage shed. Most of the stuff in there has been in there un disturbed for over 20 years. Our old camping stuff was in there. We sat it out front for give away. Granola for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Dinner from the German restaurant in Redwood City. 

Saturday: (07/25) I made ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for our breakfast this morning. A little work outside putting things in order in the sop. I also cleaned out the drain gutter in the greenhouse. I had to make a few slots bigger to pull out the roots that invaded. Not it drains again. I also finally got the communications to work on the last new Bhyve faucet timer for the overhead sprinkler in the greenhouse. We all headed up to Redwood City and got lunch at El Grullense Taqueria. I like their veggie burrito. Lou and Dawn shared carnitas Meaty Fries and some fried plantains. We also stopped and got Lou an ankle brace. Back home I napped. That seems to be one of my favorite inactivities. Pastrami and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Sunday: (07/26) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch. Roasted zucchini, tomatoes and onions with French fries and corned beef for dinner.

We worked in the yard on the old yard shed contents. Lou and Dawn were organizing. I hosed out the shed. A little gardening as well.

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