Thursday, July 9, 2020

Back Home

Thursday: (07/09) An almost do nothing day. First, and only thing I did today was to help resurrect the fallen tomato plants. They all fell or blew down while we were gone. Everything in the garden grew by more than 40% in size and it was too much for the tomatoes. Lou and Dawn picked the ripe tomatoes and then we stood them back up and added heavy duty stakes to the wire rings to keep them up. They don’t look good but will probably be back to their usual fast growth tomorrow. The corn is now fully tasseled and the ears of corn of significant size. Several squash are now 8-10” round now. PBJ toast for breakfast. Lou’s homemade tomato soup for lunch. Dawn made an interesting dinner with some zucchini, hamburger, cheese, tomatoes and onions.

Friday: (07/10) Lou and I headed off to get LED lamps and some grocery shopping. We got everything at Smart and Final market. Everything but my ciabatta bread. We also stopped at Nob Hill and Sprouts Markets and not ciabatta bread there either. It’s always a hunt to get my bread. At home I got the jacks on the RV back up. None would move and the Left front was the bad one stuck halfway. I’ve decided to try and replace the jack motor assembly or the whole thing so the hunt is on for parts. Otherwise a relaxing day.

Granola for breakfast. Chinese food from Lucky Chinese Bistro for lunch. Artichokes with deviled eggs and broccoli salad for dinner.

Saturday: (07/11) Granola for breakfast. I started the day with a bike ride. I rode down to Sprout’s Market to see if they had my chibatta in yet. Nope. So i got an alternate for now and more green tea to make the trip more worthwhile. I then took the bike path to Gunn then out Arastradero Road to Alpine Road in Portola Valley, then down to Stanford campus on Alpine Road. I stopped at the Coupa Cafe for a Chai Latte before heading home. I got back about 1130. Lou made a nice chopped salad with black beans, peppers, onions, ham, and tomatoes for lunch. I tinkered in my man cave (the RV) in the afternoon. It was 89 degrees inside but actually comfortable for me with the fan blowing on me.

Sunday: (07/12) We took a walk up to California Avenue to see the Farmers Market in the morning. Back home I spent some time weeding Dawn’s old garden section. In the heat of the afternoon I watched some British mysteries. Leftover home fried potato hash with ham and eggs for breakfast. Leftover lasagna and hot and sour soup for lunch. Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

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