Tuesday, July 28, 2020

San Jose Tree Trimming

Tuesday: (07/28) I headed off early to San Jose. I stopped for a breakfast burrito from La Victoria Taqueria. Then on to Dawn’s place. The neighbor was trimming their giant tree and I was there to watch to make sure they don’t damage anything for our tenants. I also cleaned the leaves off the roof and tops of the rain gutters. The foam seemed to keep them clean. I also packed up most of the food I had stocked up on for the painting project that had to be deferred due to the Covid-19 response. They finished really quickly and I was off by 1100 toward home. I stopped to pick up lunch in Sunnyvale at the First Wok restaurant in Sunnyvale. Back home I help Lou a little by putting things back into the clean yard shed. The gardener may come tomorrow and the lawn needs to be empty. I also attended a campfire where I burnt up a lot of junk wood. I still have another day's worth of wood to burn another day. Lou grilled some vegetables from the garden and baked some sausage filled squash and roasted some tomatoes for dinner. All from the garden except the chicken sausage. 

Wednesday: (07/29) Granola and banana for breakfast I had my AlphaAnywhere webinar in the morning. Dawn had her online writing class. I had leftover Chinese food for lunch. We all drove over to Santa Cruz for the afternoon and did some walking around downtown. On the way home we stopped at Aqui Mexican restaurant for dinner.

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