Sunday, January 10, 2021

Escape From Covid-19 And Insurrectionists

 Saturday: (01/09) A relaxing day tinkering in the office today. Lo and I visited the Grocery Outlet Market for a few things. I relocated the bench swing from being piled up to hanging from the swing rack. Now Lou can enjoy her swing even if I won’t put it back up in the arbor until I’ve finished there. Artichoke chicken over rice with peas for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Granola and banana for dinner.

The arbor double swing at its temporary home hanging from the swing frame.

Sunday: (01/10) Sauerbraten on a baked potato for breakfast. Lou and Dawn prepared it last night and put in the Foodie slow cooker. We all took a ride down to San Jose. I just wanted to check Dawn’s house, in particular the leaky faucet I repaired a while back. It does still have a valve stem leak but it is now very slow. We then visited three thrift stores and then had lunch from the Noodle & Company restaurant in South San Jose. All these travels were off freeway to make being away from home more enjoyable. Granola and a banana for dinner. 

Monday: (01/11) We heard on the weather forecast on the morning news that today there was a King Tide at 0930. Soooo, we thought we’d take a drive to see it. We drove up to San Francisco and took a walk along the Marina and at Crissy Field. Kind of fun at the Wave Organ. I managed to get my feet soaked by one of the larger waves. Nice sunny day once the fog went away. Leftover artichoke chicken over rice for breakfast. Lunch from the deli at the Safeway Market by the Marina. We also cruised many of the streets including up and down hills in the Russian Hill area. Back home about 1600. Granola for dinner. 
View of bay from Crissy Field. Golden Gate Bridge.

Wave Organ at SF Marina. Lou and Dawn listening to the organ.

Tuesday: (01/12) Sauerbraten on a baked potato for breakfast. I trimmed my hair, beard, eyebrows, and ears after breakfast. Lunch from Taqueria El Grullense. Otherwise a relaxing day inside even though it wasn’t bad outside. The sun never got through the cloud cover but it wasn’t cold. One of these days I’m going to have to get to work. Granola for dinner.

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