Monday, January 25, 2021

Mud Pit Work Ends

Monday: (01/25) A windy and cold day. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning so I slept in wasting the morning. I prepared a nice ham and egg sandwich for breakfast. Lou and I then headed off to Smart and Final Market for a couple of things. We shouldn’t go together because we left without 100 bucks. On our way home we picked up lunch from the Lucky Chinese Bistro. I did get outside for a tiny bit of work. I repaired the water pipe I had broken the day before yesterday. Lou made zucchini with onions and sausage for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/26) Leftover Chinese food for breakfast. The morning and early afternoon were nice then some showers. I pruned some trees over our back fence. I just finished getting the tiny pieces into the dumpster, filling two dumpsters, just as the rain started. Leftover Dawn’s stew for lunch. Tamales for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/27) Up early. Granola and a banana for breakfast. I headed off to an 0800 dental appointment. They checked my implant. It had some inflammation that they treated a couple of months ago but now is all good. The appointment only took less than 10 minutes. I was actually out before 0800. Back home I was busy supervising the construction project down the street. They were removing some of the drilling rigs and pile drivers they had been using. It was a rainy day so I needed an umbrella most of the day. They were working in a mud pit. We only received 1 inch of rain last night. Some nearby areas got 2.5”. Nearby mountains 6-8”. I had an Impossible hamburger sandwich for lunch. Lou made Shepherd’s pie for dinner.

Thursday: (01/28) Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I watched the move of the cement drilling rig from the construction site today. Neat to see the 12 foot wide crawler loaded onto a 102 foot long 48 wheeled trailer. We finally received our stimulus payment. It came as a debit card even though it should have been a direct transfer to our checking like the last one. Not too big due to the limits placed on this one. It took nearly an hour to activate the card online due to my slow email timing out before the activation codes expired. Five minute is way too short of a timeout. I tinkered with my RV printer which hasn't been used in two years. I expected the worst snd lmst got it. It took a while n several searches on Google for information but eventually it was hooked up and working. Dawn made pasties for dinner.

Friday: (01/29) Granola and a banana for breakfast. Today we waited around the construction site awaiting the arrival of a crane to remove the cement tower, mixer, and their container storage shed. We expected it first thing but learned when we got there it would be 10am. Actually turned up to be at 1230. The Bigge crane operator was really fast and the whole job lasted less than 45 minutes. I mentioned that we might have huevos rancheros from Los Alto Taqueria for breakfast. Then I remembered the crane was arriving so we postponed it to lunch. That turned out to be lunch and by then not breakfast but a torta instead. Dawn made beef pot pies for dinner.

Saturday: (01/30) Leftover beef pot pie for breakfast. We made a vegetable market run to our nearby Mediterranean market. Then we stopped by REI. Lou returned home hiking boots and she and Dawn bought new shoes. I looked at everything. We stopped at Baji’s Cafe for a late lunch. I prepared corned beef hash with eggs for dinner.

Sunday: (01/31) A nice day, mostly cloudy but no rain. I relaxed at home tinkering in the RV office, mostly tax prep. Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Pizza and coleslaw for lunch/dinner.

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