Thursday, September 16, 2004

El Chorro Regional Park

Thursday 9/17. Moved North about 5 miles from San Luis Obispo to El Chorro Regional Park.

They have a nice RV Park and some trails in the hills next to it. This is pretty central to be able to explore the area. I’ll probably be here through the weekend. I took a hike up to Eagle Rock this morning. Saw rabbits, deer and something unknown. I saw a black thing twice the size of the deer moving quickly up the trail. I only got a glimpse and I’m not sure I really wanted to meet it. I also saw the most interesting spider webs. The spider looked like a starfish with thick hairy tapered legs and stayed in the center of the web. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The trail went up the grassy hills and through oak woods. From the top, there were nice views of the valley below. They’re building a botanical gardens information center here. Many of the trees in the RV park are eucalyptus, along the creek are sycamores and on the hills Oaks.

Sign showing trails in park.

Eagle Rock Trail

Deer, Oak Woodland

Spider Web
Friday 9/18: Don took a bike ride up the hill from camp. Turns out this is a loop trail which goes by a county schools lodge and to the Cuesta College campus. Took an evening walk through the Botanical Garden. Lots of humming birds and bunnys. Lou and Dawn arrived late.
Saturday 9/19, A morning walk through the Botanical Garden with Lou. Dawn has a cold.

Dinasaur Prints left in the rock.
Sunday 09/20 We took a morning walk through the Botanical gardens in El Chorro Park.

Don by his favorite the Scarlet Paintbrush, also seen above.

Future Plan for 500 acre Garden,

We all went downtown to look around.

Fortunately, the I Madonnari, Italian Street Painting festival was happening by the River Park. Two great discoveries. Some of the chalk art drawings on the sidewalk were as good as museum masterpieses. The River Park is quite lovely right off main street.

We enjoyed tea on a patio overlooking the park and the art festival. There was also an excellent musical group called Sweet Rock playing.

An Interesting Cat on a rail in the park.
Lou and Dawn left about 2pm for home.
Monday 09/21
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El Churro Regional Park, San Louis Obispo

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