Tuesday, September 14, 2004

San Luis Obispo, Ca

Tuesday 9/14 , 7:30 pm, Left Palo Alto headed to San Luis Obispo. Going to Ground Control to have the satellite network access point (NAP, "One-Touch System"), looked at. The front panel control died back in mid July shortly after we started our trip. In Addition, the NAP continually had to be reset to re-enable the transmitter and took a long time to acquire the satellite. I worked with one of their technicians via the phone for several hours and wasn't able to restore proper operation. Note: Most of the time adequate Internet connections were obtained using desktop remoting into the NAP to control the system. Arrived out in from of their offices about 1130pm.
Wednesday 9/15, delivered the NAP to their office about 1030 after confirming all the problems still existed. I then went to the beach. Ground Control called about 3:30pm and said it was ready for pickup. They had to replace the PC, the controller and the antenna splitter and it now seems to be working well.
As I'm writing this, still parked near Ground Control's offices, I'm watching a cat hunt the ground squirrels in the field next to where I'm parked. He's not having any luck.

Ground Control Offices Are Up The Hill

Lots of Birds in pond near Pismo Beech

Pismo Beech Pier and Surfers.
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El Churro Regional Park, San Luis Obispo

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