Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kearsarge Pass Trail, Onion Valley

Drove North 15 miles to Independence. Then drove west 15 miles to Onion Valley Trail head. Hiked the Kearsarge Pass Trail to the trail crest to look into the Kings Canyon National Park Wilderness. Looks good!

Sorry for the quality of the map. I hiked from "You Are Here' to the middle of the map about 11 miles round trip. A very nice trail good grade, well maintained. Easier then Mt Whitney trail.

Views on the trail.

Gilbert Lake, Matlock Lake.

More trail, Heart Lake.

Big Pothole Lake, The final part of the trail to the summit. The summit is the top right side of the pic.

The view from the summit.

Don relaxing on the rocks. It's actually comfortable.
Today's hike seemed similar to the Mt Whitney hike day before yesterday. So I checked elevations. Today started at 9,207 feet ended at 11,734 feet a 2,527 foot rise. Mt Whitney trail to Mirror Lake started at 8,398 feet, ended at Mirror Lake at 10,731 feet, a 2,333 foot rise. The trail crest is 13,490 feet, the Summit is 14,495 feet. I'm glad I turned around at Mirror Lake. I would recommend the Kearsarge trail over the Mt Whitney Trail for a Day Hike. Views similar and you can make it to the trail crest more easily.
Tonite I'm staying in another rest stop North of Independence.
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Kearsarge Pass

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