Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Reno, Nv

09/29, Wednesday: Arrived in Reno at the Reno Hilton KOA.
09/30, Thursday: Looking around Reno. Found a very good Sportsman's Warehouse store. Always interesting to look around these stores. There aren't any good sporting goods stores in California?
Left town about 2pm. Drove up US Hwy 395 to California Hwy 70 to Oreville. This is a pretty drive and the grades seem much nicer than US Hwy 80 plus it's a 2 lane road with little traffic.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but there wasn't much that I looked at that was worth a picture. Two things I plan to see when I return are the Auto Museum and the May Arboretum both of which will be worth pictures. Next time.
I'm spending the night in Oroville at Wall-Marts.

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