Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mt Whitney Trail

Today I hiked up part of the Mt Whitney Trail.

The trail starts out with a long climb and doesn't quit. Your in a forested canyon above the desert. Lone Pine lake is the first point of interest other than the great view on the trail up. Lots of fish popping up for a bite in the lake.

The meadow is nice and green with a red creek flowing through it. Actually, it may not be classified as a meadow since it's covered with a low shrub and not grass?

The Ice falls were very interesting. I had to go quite a ways off trail to get close enough for a good picture. Evidently the sun doesn't shine here. All the snow is gone from the mountains but this remains and this is only half way to the summit. There was also a very weird rock on the same cliff as the falls. It's the only one like it. It has little piramids carved in to it covering possibly 300sf of surface?

Mirror Lake is as far as I hiked up this time. About 1992 I took a day hike to the summit, 27 miles round trip. That's too much for today!
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