Saturday, July 29, 2006

Brookings Bike Rides

Harris Beach SP Harris Beach SP
An early morning low tide walk at the Harris Beach tide pools. Grand views here.
Harris Beach SP Starfish Harris Beach SP Tide Pool
Starfish on the rocks, tide pools.
Harris Beach SP Interesting Sand Harris Beach SP Bumble Bee
Interesting pattern in the sand. A nice bumble bee on yellow flowers on a higher rock in the tide pool area.
Harris Beach SP Flowers Harris Beach SP Flowers
Other flowers on the same rock in the tide pool area.
Harris Beach SP Trail Harris Beach SP
Trail at the beach. And a nice big rock at the tide pools.

I took a couple of trips around town on my bike. There are a few hills around these parts so it was a strain on these old bones, but fun. I looked around some of the neighborhoods in consideration of potentially moving here. Nice town. For a town of 6000+ people, the library is extrememly large, a good sign.

I watched a capable RC plane hobbiest fly his Stryker F27 RC plane all over with no problems. It is a smaller plane with a more powerful engine, and had a pilot that evidently knew how to fly it. It looks like an F16 fighter and really cruises. Mine gets blown over in the wind gusts. Someday!

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