Friday, July 28, 2006

Brookings, Oregon

I headed North to Brookings Oregon. Attempted to stay at Harris Ranch State Park but there wasn't anything available. This state park has extremely nice tide pools. I went over to Brookings Harbor to the Beachfront RV Park. Right by the Marinas on the beach, actually the jetty for the harbor. Very nice place. Excellent view for the satellite.

It's overcast and a little foggy/drippy this morning. By afternoon it was clear skys and sunny and perfect.

Brookings Oregon Beach Brookings Oregon Beach
The beach at Brookings in the evening. A view of the RV Park from the beach.

Brookings Oregon Beach Pelicans
Pelicans on a rock, and everywhere else around Brookings Harbor.

Brookings Oregon Fred Meyer
One of the many things missing in California, Fred Meyers.

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