Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fortuna Antique Tractor and Engine Show

Went downtown to Ferndale's Pancake Breakfast at the Vetrans Hall. Really good pancakes or biscuits and gravy, eggs as you like, ham or sausage. We also got our morning walk going and coming.
Dog Competition Dog Competition
Dog Competition Dog Competition
On the way back, we looked over the dog show again. They look like they're having fun as they run through the obstacle courses but it's nice not to have any pets and just enjoy other peoples pets for now.
Antique Tractors and Engines

Antique Tractor and Engine Show. Lined up like new equipment.
Crosscut saw Can Crusher
Shingle Saw
The "Hit or Miss" engines are used to power a varity of equipment like a crosscut saw, an aluminum can crusher (not sure it's authentic) and a shingle saw.
We then went down to Fortuna to the swap meet and antique tractor and engine show. Not as big as the show in Tulare but there were things here that weren't there so always interesting. I just love the hiss and put of the intermittent engines.
Our next stop was a indoor fleamarket in Eureka and a stop at Costco for blue towels. We then stopped for lunch/dinner at the cookhouse of soup and salad. Whenever we eat here we always say we're full after the soup and salad when we're having a meal so this time, that's all we had. Perfect!
We looked in at the antique shop in Fernbridge and visited the casino in Loleta. This casino is rather nice but not really RV friendly. Parking is tight.
The evening highlight was dumping the holding tanks. Because the dog show blocks the path to the dump and because we will depart tomorrow morning, about 8pm we went over to dump. No crowd. The dump here at the fairground is it's weak link for us. It's another high inlet dump. Since our drain is only 6 inches off the ground, dumps like this are a problem. Here, we would have to have the water flow uphill 2-3 inches minimum. No easy. So, since there was no crowd, I broke out the macerator to dump. Mission accomplished. It really is a help to pump that stuff.

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