Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prairie Creek, Day Three

Lou's feeling a lot better.
No wind in the morning so Don tried flying the RC plane again. There were a couple of good flights and a lot of the usual crashes. We went down to Orick for breakfast at the Palms Cafe. They make a good breakfast, good pancakes and crisp hash-browns with eggs cooked just right.

Prairie Creek Flowers Prairie Creek Gold Bluffs Beach Flower
After which we went out Davidson Road to hike in Fern Canyon. Some flowers near the beech.

Prairie Creek Redwoods SP Fern Canyon Prairie Creek Redwoods SP Fern Canyon Salmon Berry
Wonderful Fern Canyon. A salmon berry.
Lou and Dawn Fern Canyon Don Fern Canyon
Lou and Dawn in Fern Canyon. Don in Fern Canyon.

Prairie Creek Gold Bluffs Beach Dawn With Kite Prairie Creek Gold Bluffs Beach Seall
We then went out to the beach and Dawn flew her kite. A seal (or sea lion?) watching us on the beach. We stopped back at the Palm's to pickup a couple of Paul Bunyon cinnamon rolls which we reserved at Breakfast. They are the best, and biggest cinnamon rolls to be found.
We've decided to head back to Ferndale for a day or two so Dawn can see the parade in Fortuna and go to the Folklife Event in Blue Lake.

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