Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Casinos and Paradise, Ca

Monday: I relaxed in camp today while Lou and Kenzie returned to downtown Oroville to the book and antique shops. They returned to camp to pick me up about 3:30 and we went down the hill to the Gold Country Casino for the buffet dinner. Today is 2 for one dinner so their already excellent and cheap buffet is even more of a bargain. It's too bad you couldn't join the three of us because you would have gotten a free meal.

After dinner we went a few miles South to the other casino in town, the Feather Falls Casino (no where near Feather Falls). It's about the same size casino but looks older than the Gold Country. It does have a KOA RV park but doesn't seem to allow overnight RV parking in the lot. Gold Country does but we only saw one RV staying during our whole week in the area. I asked security and they said it was OK and that we could plug into 20amp outlet on the light poles at the back of the lot. We were already comfortable where we were at the state park but next time? Free stays at casinos is always nice.

Tuesday: Today we were on a mission, to find some craft items for Lou and to do laundry. The craft stores here in Oroville and very limited and didn't have the items she needs when we checked them yesterday. We'll need to visit Chico to find a better store. I have a short attention span so I added a drive through Paradise. It just sounded good. Paradise is a pretty good sized town (23,000+) 12 miles East of Chico and 12 mile North of Oroville. It seems to be a very nice city.

We had lunch at the new Black Bear Diner there, which just opened. We all shared one of their country fried steaks. Just after lunch it started to rain, and rained heavily.

We found a nice new laundromat there, opened just the day before so all the machines worked and were very clean. Unfortunately they didn't use coins but used debit card that you loaded from a machine there. No refunds for over filling the card so the place isn't really for travelers but for locals. Our clothes came out all clean and fresh as the should and we only lost 1.70 due to not using our full $20 debit card. We made a gift of the remainder to another customer. I manned the laundromat while Lou and Kenzie visited the book stores and shops.

We then headed on the Chico to visit Costco, Michael's Crafts, and JoAnn's Crafts. We then returned to Oroville with a stop at the market just before heading back to camp.

The heavy rain continued through the night.

Wednesday: We intended to head East this morning but decided to stay another day due to the threat and forecast of more rain. It hasn't rained much but is cold and threatening.

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