Friday, April 25, 2008

Reno In Spring

Friday: We drove over from Portola California on Highway 70 and highway 35 to Reno, Nevada.

Drain Outlet Damage To RV.JPG Drain Outlet Damage To RV Repaired.JPG
We stopped at Costco there to get something we forgot on our last visit. When we were pulling in to the Costco store our sewer drain outlet hit the ground and knocked the bump protector out of alignment. I repositioned it but there was a little damage to the connector pin on the bottom. I'm trying to protect it so I don't have to replace the outlet fitting again.

Our campsite at the Atlantis Casino.JPG
We then went over to the Atlantis Casino and parked in the back of their lot across the street with the other RV's. We will be here a couple of days.The weather is great, possibly mid 70's. Here at 5pm our window thermometer says it's 95 degrees but it reads high when it's warm. We trust it for the cold readings though.

About 11:40 pm we were jolted with a 4.7 earthquake which we seemed to be right on top of. It felt like we had been hit by an errant driver but there was no noise. There evidently has been a swarm of over 100 earthquakes since yesterday here in Reno and the 4.7 was the biggest, so far.

Saturday: We were up with the sun. it is interesting sleeping here in the casino parking lot. It's very well lite and they pipe music everywhere. No need to turn on your own radio. Fortunately it is music we like, mostly oldies.

Today is my birthday. How opportune to be here to be able to celebrate, such as we do. Lou and Kenzie took the car on a thrift store and bookstore expedition while I took the bike around looking at an RC hobby store, Harbor Freight, and other nearby stores. We met for lunch at 13:30 at the buffet here at the Atlantis. We've never eaten here before though we've visited it many times. It was very good, worthy of my birthday repast.

After lunch, Lou and Kenzie continued their expedition while I continued my bike ride. I rode downtown and walked the casinos there then rode West of town a couple of miles and returned to the Atlantis to rest about 6pm. Enough exercise for the day! I think I did feel that extra year?

Sunday: We went downtown to the CalNeva casino for breakfast and a look around. I'd seen it Lou and Kenzie hadn't. I was then returned to the RV and Lou and Kenzie continued their exploration of th thrift stores and book shops.

About 3pm a security guard from the Atlantis Casino dropped off a warning to register the RV. All the RV's got one, theeir were none registered. I went in per the instructions, found security and registered. They have to do this because some people wear out their welcome by staying forever. Oh well, how did they know?

When I returned to the RV at 4pm, we were then the only registered RV there.

I then took a walk around the stores nearby. Lou called about 6pm and picked me up for dinner. We went to Harrah's Napa Cafe. They had prime rib and I had steak and scampi. Weekday dinners were <$10. That's a nice farewell dinner!

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