Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Windy In Bishop, Ca

We took highway 89 South from Woodfords to Highway 395. We intended to go out to Bodie, the ghost town, but highway 270 was closed so maybe we'll go another time. With that road closed our night camp location also changed since we had no access to any of the BLM locations on that highway.

We continued on to Mono Lake and went East on highway 120 stopping to look at the tufa formations in and by the lake.

It's too bad the lake was damaged by LA greed for water but it's nice to see some of the water returning. In 1992 a court settlement returned some of the water but in 15 years the lake has only risen 5-10 feet of the 25 or so feet it is supposed to rise. I guess it's trickling in?

The salinity of the water supposedly makes a duck float higher in the water. I can't tell a difference?
We continued on highway 120 to highway 7 then South to Bishop. The wind was becoming gusty and stronger so we stayed away from the mountains on highway 395.

We stopped at the fairgrounds (sorry, I forgot to take a picture) and will be here for the night. A school rodeo is here this weekend so we may not be allowed to stay longer if they need the RV spaces. We'll check in the morning. If not, we'll move south of town to another location.

The scenery has been great all day. There is a lot of snow on the mountains and we've passed through some on the summits we passed through. If only the wind would stop and it would warm up some. We're having gusts of 15-25mph or more this evening.

We checked at the fair office and found out we must move so we drove South of town to Brown's Town campground and got a space, no hookups tough. Actually we prefer the forest service like camps but so far on this trip, we've always had hookups, until now. Not a problem really. We do have solar and our site is in the open not blocked by the trees that are in most sites and so welcome by tent campers. Open sky to us means lots of power and an Internet connection to use it on.

Before we paid, I raised the dish to make sure nothing was blocking the satellite. It only had to raise, no rotation and it was connected. Right on! Perfect parking!

We went back to town for breakfast at a local donut shop after which we looked around town. It looks like we're just exploring towns on this trip?

When we returned to camp in the afternoon, after lunch and a nap, I turned on the satellite system. I knew it would need to park and re-raise because I had leveled the RV since I raised the dish. It did park but then it had to rotate around 360 degrees to find the satellite. Not right on this time. A little tilt evidently means a lot to the system.

Evidently the fishing season just started, so that explains the crowded campgrounds. The fair is busy because of the rodeo there. Lots to do and lots of people to do it with. We really don't like crowds, even little ones.

Lou fixed corned beef hash for dinner.

Friday: We had leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. We did laundry here at the RV park. Lunch was leftover spaghetti.

We then headed out the Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site. It's about 6 miles East on highway 6. It's a very nice museum. It's like an old railroad town with lots of old stuff displayed in the towns buildings.

The old service station above was featured on a magazine cover. It looks muh like the old station my parents used in th 50's. Same pump, same bulk oil dispensers. There were some rabbits enjoying the green grass for lunch.

There is an old train depot, an old non operating narrow gauge train and a turn table. They have restored a railcar (trolly) that they hope to someday run into Bishop. There is lots of old farming, mining and logging equipment all around the property. It is a really a nice museum that looks much like an old rail town must have looked. The movie Nevada Smith ws partially filmed there.

After the museum, we went North of town to the Indian casino and had a excellent meal. Lou and Kenzie shared a prime rib dinner, I had fish and chips, both the dinner specials. The clam chowder was outstanding and the coleslaw excellent as well. The fries so so. And there were 5 huge pieces of good fish. The prime and baked potato were just Lou and Kenzie sized and very good. The vegetables were adequate frozen things. Kenzie also ordered some very good onion rings with Parmesan cheese, very good as well.

We then stopped in at the fairgrounds. The Rock And Mineral Show and the Home Show were open and we looked around both.

Saturday: French toast for breakfast. We were off relatively early to the swap meet at the fairgrounds. We though we would bea early but the parking lot was almost full. the line to get in was a block and a half long but nobody was crowding like at home and th line was moving at a slow walk continuously, not like at home. It was a nice swap meet that benefits the Laws Railroad Museum and Histori Site and it had some interesting junk, not the commercial trash of many flea markets.

It only took a couple of hours to finish seeing everything.

Kenzie had a couple of shops she wanted to return to downtown so Lou and I returned to the RV for a while. When Kenzie was through, Lou fixed somee stir fried vegetables with rice noodlesand shrimp for lunch.

After lunch we headed up highway 168 along Bishop Creek and into the mountains. We're a little over 4000 feet here in Bishop. Our drive uo the creek took us up to 9-10,000 feeet at Sabrina lake. We explored all the campgrounds that were open looking for our next camp. Since some rain and snow are predicted up there, we decided that we'd probably stay down in the valley so we'll head South tomorrow.

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