Friday, June 26, 2009

Guests Arrive, of the Fowl Kind

A Walk In Bol Park Goats At Bol Park
Friday: (06/26) We all started the day with walk in the park. We drove over to Bol Park. This park is on an old railroad right of way and leads through the neighborhood to the high school Lou used to work at. In fact, she usually drove to the park, left the car there and walked the half mile to the school each day. Better access, less traffic and less weird high school age drivers. There are a couple of farmettes along the path. The goats get to watch all the traffic going down the path.

Walk At Bol Park
This bike path goes on down th the high school and is a popular walk as well. A little ways down the path toward the school is a small pasture with a couple of donkeys in it. The small donkey is the inspiration for the donkey in the move Shrek. Ernie brought the dogs along and they enjoyed the walk with us. We also stopped to visit some goats in another yard along the way. Unfortunately my camera battery died so no donkey pictures.

With our exercise out of the way, we went to Denny's for breakfast. Their TV adds got to Lou. We haven't eaten there in a while. Ernie thought we had been replaced by aliens but we all had a nice, cheap breakfast anyway. Ernie doesn't have high regards for them, especially since they took over the restaurant at the Wild Wild West Casino in Las Vegas that he calls home.

Our Bird nest in Our Door Wreath
(Refresh for current picture)
Over the past week or so a group of three birds built a nest in the wreath hanging on our front door. Two males and a female. The nest now has three eggs in it. They aren't too bothered by our use of the door, fortunately. I installed a webcam on the porch today so that they can be seen on our website. I haven't used the webcam in a while and everything has changed with our systems since that time so setting up the camera was an exercise.

My IP camera is wired but fortunately I had a 100' cable already going from the study  outside that could reach the front of the house. Our DSL line used to have a static IP address (like the phone number to our network). Our new DSL connection has a dynamic IP, different each time its used. In order to allow easy access to a live video feed, I setup our router to use a dynamic IP address using It's free and allows a simple domain name rather that a changing IP address for the URL (web address). All rather convoluted but now the address is easily accessible and it uses our domain rather than someone else's. The address is Log in as user: "guest" with the password: "bird" to see live video of the nest.

The nest is in the bottom inside of the wreath. Unfortunately, the camera doesn't have a zoom lens and the birds are quite small so you can't see too much but it's kind of fun anyway.

Ernie did his BBQ thing this afternoon. We had an early dinner of creamed peas with pearl onions, BBQ teriaki steak and seasoned baked potato wedges. he also prepared a lot of extra meat  on the barbie as well for later meals.

Ernie Lou And Dawn
Above Ernie Lou an Dawn posed for this group photo.

Wilton Fountain Flowers Bird Nest On The Fron Door Wreath
The flowers by the fountain are really prolific this year. Above right is an inside view of the wreath and the bird nest.

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