Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Getting Older

Monday: (06/01) When I was young, the adults around me always seemed old or older. Youth was reserved for the really young, like me. Over the years, old seems to have been a moving target, always someone older than myself. That idea only holds out for so long. On our fall trip last year I had a heart attach scare. It was not heart related just physical strain. Still related to getting older though.

This morning, I got a call from my brother Ernie saying he was in the hospital and had had a minor heart attack. His two dogs are now with animal control while he recovers. Lou can't travel right now but I'll head that way this evening to see him while he recovers. Since this was unexpected, I had some business to finish up before leaving.

Dawn fixed a middle eastern rice with raisins and lemon peel. She is adventurous when cooking and it was good. It was served with my leftover pork chops and fresh broccoli.

I departed around 8pm after finishing packing and after traffic had died down. There was VERY little traffic all the way. I stopped in Tracy for a walk. I didn't stop again until Boomtown. I tried to stop in the nice rest area above Donner Lake but it was jammed packed with trucks and no place for me. There were a lot of detours Eastbound on Highway 80 including a possible 20 mile detour by Rollins lake.

(06/02) After Truckee the road became wet. Evidently it rained shortly previous to my arrival. There was some fog in Truckee. I pulled into Boomtown about 01:20. Lots of fellow travelers parked outside, very few people inside the casino when I walked through. Evidently business is bad. the buffet is gone. Nicely finished walls cover all former access to where it was. That seems quick. The do still have a cafe and that's where I'll have breakfast in the morning.

Awoke about 9am, had corned beef hash and eggs at the cafe, got fuel and hit the road by 10:30.

It was overcast and traffic was light. Just before Battle Mountain and for about 20 miles there was a deluge with heavy lightening and variable direction winds almost like whirlwinds pushing the RV first one direction then the other. Fortunately they weren't too strong and traffic was light so a little lateral movement wasn't too bad.

I stopped about every hour for a walk. At the Beowawe rest stop I read all about the Snyder-Reed Fight. This is the route known as the California Trail used by wagon trains from about 1843-the 1860's. The Snyder-Reed fight was by members of the Donner Party. Synder attacked Reed lashing out with his knife and injuring Mrs Reed. Mr Reed then killed Mr Snyder. He was banished from the train without food but his daughter smuggled food to him. In California, he is the one who returned with a rescue party for the Donner party when they were stranded in the snow. Dawn would have loved to have stopped at the many interpretive centers along the highway about the California Trail. Too bad I'm solo on this trip.

i also stopped in Elko at a market for a couple of things including dinner from the deli, chicken fingers and fries, otherwise known as health food.

I stopped in Wendover with the intent of a walk and then back on the road but I had had enough for today. Ernie won't be released from the hospital until about noon tomorrow so I'll cover the rest of the distance tomorrow morning.

(06/03) I was up early, Nevada time at 0500. After my shower i headed in to the Rainbow Casino, in whose parking lot I spent the night, for breakfast. Not a cheap but it was a good breakfast. I think cheap has left the casino buildings. Cheap was my favorite part of casinos since I rarely gamble. My pancake sandwich was good.

I was back on the road at 0630 Nevada time which became 0730 Utah (Mountain) time within a minute or so. Wendover is a divided city in two states. The weather was nice all the way to Salt lake City, or West Valley City actually. I made a quick stop at a PetSmart store to get a dog barrier for the back of the Volvo. I'll be carrying Ernie's dogs around later and they don't get to get in the RV due to allergies by Lou and Dawn.

I then went over to Ernie's hospital and he was in the final efforts to be discharged. He looks quite good for someone who had a heart attack a couple of days ago but that shows how getting it early is beneficial. We were out a little after noon. Ernie is feeling good and drove his truck a few miles to his company yard for storage. Makes ya think, doesn't it.

Then we were off to pick up the dogs from animal control. Next stop was a pharmacy. Then we moved him out of his truck which will remain here in Salt Lake as he convalesces in Palo Alto. He has a couple of more doctor's appointments within this week before we leave this area.

We need to find a good campsite but tonight we are staying at the Flying J in Salt Lake

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