Friday, June 26, 2009

You Can't Believe What You See On The Web

Thursday: (06/25) Ernie fixed the standard breakfast, thick sliced potatoes hash browns, eggs and sausage with pan fried English muffins. It certainly is nice having Ernie here!.

I spent my morning completing the tax returns. At noon, the appraiser for our refinance was here. Ernie, Lou, Dawn and the dogs went down to the dog run at the park so the appraiser could work in piece and safety. The appraisal souldn't be a problem just a formality. We did learn that with the new financing rules, a broker or lender can't order the appraiser directly and must now do that through a management company. Another layer and evidently additional cost but possible takes some conflict out of the system.

My Neighborhood
After the appraiser left I checked the current value of our house on It turned out to be interesting. Most home values are lower. Fortunately they've been pretty stable here.

The House Across The Street Details On the House Across the Street
We were pleased to see that the house across the street went for the asking price and rather quickly. It is a typical post World War II returning veteran house as most of the houses in our neighborhood are, or started out as.

House On Neighborhood Street Details On Neighboring Street house
We were even more surprised at the new price of a house a couple of blocks North. The house looks bigger in the picture and supposedly is selling for $7,000,000. Evidently, has a sense of humor. The real house looks more like the $1,099,000 house across the street from us, shown previously. The house looks a little bigger than a 5 bedroom house and definitely bigger than any house in our neighborhood. I do wonder where the house really is but it looks something like the Carson Mansion in Eureka.

Lunch was left overs of the day.

Dawn fixed sausage and potator soup for dinner.

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