Tuesday, June 30, 2009

San Jose Computer Fixes

Tuesday: (06/30) Breakfast was interesting. Lou made an apricot cobbler last night and Dawn made apricot ice cream this morning. That combination was breakfast.

About 10am Daewn and I headed to San Jose. Dawn had an appointment in the morning. I dropped by her apartment to work on her computer. I updated ZoneAlarm and Windows. Installed Carbonite backup software and Installed a new wireless access point/router. I got the router at Office Depot for $14. Quite resonable and a very easy installation. And finally, I checked that everything worked and that Dawn could print via the wireless connection.

When Dawn returned from her appointment at San Jose State, we went to lunch at La Victoria Restaurant, the burrito place in a victorian house by the college. We shared a carnitas torta and a quesadilla with a horchata drink. Then Dawn went to work at the city offices for her internship. I continued my work on her computers. I finsihed up just before she returned then we returned home.

Ernie fixed a nice carrot apple and rasin salad. We had that with left over items like hamburger patties and hot dogs and Lou's Iranian chicken salad.

After dinner Ernie, Dawn and I took the dogs to the park for a walk. They enjoyed it and the romp in the creek was a highlight.

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