Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sunday: (10/03) We went to breakfast in Los Altos at the original Pancake House. They had to be invented somewhere? Lou had potato pancakes Dawn pumpkin pancakes and I had a mushroom omelet with buttermilk pancakes. After breakfast we walked around the village at the Los Altos Fall Festival. Lots of interesting art stuff and a bunch of old cars on display. Too bad I didn't have my camera. When we got home i got busy on fixing the home computer network. While the Internet is working the equipment change caused some configuration changes to be needed which I'm doing today. The entire day was spent tinkering on the computers ridding the last of the gremlins and other more pleasant tasks. Lou made hot and sour chicken mushroom soup for dinner.

Monday: (10/04) Leftovers for breakfast, Sheppard's pie and breakfast potatoes and sausage. We all took a morning walk around the neighborhood.

I planned on ordering some parts for the Jeep this morning, but, when we returned from our walk, our Internet had died, again. So, I spent an hour and a half talking to some one who know nothing and of course, it wasn't fixed when we were finished talking. he did manage to refer it up the chain of help. An automated call came back an hour or so later saying it tested OK, but of course it didn't work yet. I called back and fortunately got a rep that could listen and knew how to check things. I told him that I believed the problem was the same as before and that they had un-provisioned our equipment, like before. It only took less than five minutes to explain it to the new rep and he put me on hold for about 15 minutes and came back and said he found the problem and it would be fixed in a couple of hours. It was working in about one hour. I do hope it keeps working. I also do hope they send out a survey questionnaire on their service. I have a few comments. Of course today did go better that Friday where I went through 5 phone reps and one field technician before it was fixed. The only good thing with that fix was that it was fixed on the same day by 7:30pm less than 10 hours after my first call. Both problems were problems on their end related to their equipment replacements. Evidently the person configuring the new equipment didn't configure it correctly nor completely before heading off for the weekend. he evidently came back to work this morning and messed it up again.

For lunch we enjoyed Ernie's spaghetti and fresh bread that Dawn baked.

I spent the afternoon working in the yard cleaning up the junk I want to keep and cleaning the forms for reuse. The piles are now neat and should stay put over the winter.

Lou fixed salmon, spinach, capers, and provolone crepes for dinner. She also baked some cinnamon rolls for desert.

Tuesday: (10/05) Lou fixed a spinach and sprouts omelet for breakfast. I spent the morning working at the computer and in the office. Olive loaf and cheese sandwich for lunch. I spent the afternoon back filling and starting to layout for the new garden shed. Dinner was leftover hot and sour chicken mushroom soup

Wednesday: (10/06) Leftover spinach and sprouts omelet for breakfast. I tinkered at the computer all morning. I eventually ventured out to the local donut shop for an apple fritter. I supplemented that with an olive loaf, cheese and tomato sandwich made with some of Dawn's homemade bread. Then I finally went out to work. It was threatening rain but never did anything but a light sprinkle. I worked in the shop putting things away. I also did some more back filling in the green house. We also had a nice campfire all day getting rid of more of the bay tree remains. Lou fixed a tortellini casserole for dinner with some of Dawn's tomatoes on top. Dawn had a couple of appointments in San Jose today and Lou took her and also went to the Depart of Motor Vehicles for the paperwork to get them to pay for the most of the work to re-smog the old car. Odd how now that the calendar turned past 18 years it needs the same repairs each time to pass the smog test when there really isn't anything wrong with it other than the age. I still believe if they couldn't see it and were told it was two years old it would pass.

Thursday: (10/07) Lou fixed eggs on toast for breakfast. She then dropped off Dawn at the train and took the old car in to be smogged now that the paper work is done. I worked at reinstalling the green house's brick floor. Lunch was some left over Korean food and some pork stickers for the Hong Kong Bakery. Dinner was leftover tortellini casserole.

Tomorrow we're off to Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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