Monday, October 18, 2010

Starting To Think Of Leaving

Monday: (10/18) I arranged to get the new front tires for the RV. I called Big O and they said they would have them this afternoon. While I waited, I broke up a half dozen 300-400 pound blocks of concrete. These blocks were the leftovers from the salvaged concrete I used to make the wall for our raised back yard  flower beds. These blocks were odd sized and have been used in the old water fountain and for holding up other planters. Now they are surplus and will be going to the dump but are a bit big and too heavy to easily haul in the car so I broke them up with the jackhammer. I had to pull the RV out of the way to break them up so I combined two tasks since the RV had to go out for it's new tires anyway. Just breaking up the concrete wore me out for the day. About 3:30 the tires had arrived so I headed off to get them. They fit nicely.

Some of Dawn's homemade raisin toast for breakfast. Tomato soup and cheese for lunch. Lou made French onion soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/19) I took the load of concrete made yesterday to the dump. Then I broke the other half of the blocks, loaded them and all the carpet Lou's removed from the living room and dining room and hauled them to the dump as well. After getting the RV back in it's place and cleaning up some we were off to Costco for some things.

Leftovers for breakfast. I had some omelet. For lunch I had the leftover onion soup. Dinner was Costco's best polish dogs.

Wednesday: (10/20) Lou was out early to take the neighbor to the doctor. When she returned the neighbor needed to be watched for a few hours but Dawn had an unexpected appointment the Lou needed to take her to so I was elected to watch the neighbor. I was able to get some computer time in as I waited. After Dawn's appointment she and Lou went to listen to an author speak at the Eastridge mall in San Jose. Altogether, not a productive day for me, but I need the practice.

Maple sugar oatmeal with yogurt for breakfast. Oliveloaf and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili size for dinner.

Thursday: (10/21) I thought I had a TSA meeting to go to but it was actually yesterday as I learned when I arrived alone. That's a major problem for me, having any idea of time since I retired. Actually, I just put it into my Google calendar for a day later than it should have been. I did actully accomplish a couple of other things correctly. I reinstalled the bars on the roof rack of the Jeep. The previous owner had removed them and it has to be disassembled some to get it reinstalled. I also helped Lou out on her project of redoing the living room wood floors. When I rebuilt the bathroom to repair damage caused by a leaky shower a few years ago, I had to remove some of the flooring in the living room to repair the subfloor. Today I reinstalled the hardwood flooring. It looked a bit odd once the carpet was removed. Now it doesn't. Lou's busy cleaning and refinishing the floor.

Dawn and I headed off to San Francisco about 5pm. The traffic on Highway 280 heading North was mostly stop with an occasional go. Not like normal since the commute direction in the evening is away from San Francisco. I assume it might have had something to do with President Obama's visit but who knows. There was no problem observed and it started moving again after about twenty minutes when we got above Atherton where President Obama was speaking. He had dinner in Palo Alto but perhaps that will be after the Atherton visit since there were no traffic problems there as we left.

Dawn had a meeting in San Francisco this evening so we drove up to San Bruno to catch the Bart train which then took us within a 1/2 block of where she needed to be. I spent the evening doing a walkabout in the Chinatown, North Beach and Union Square areas. This post was made as I continued to wait for Dawn at a nearby McDonald's. The place was crowded with disheartened Giants fans since they didn't win their game tonight. Dawn was finished about 10pm then we both walked over to Union Square then to Bart to head home.

I fixed waffles with some of Aunt Helen's strawberry preserves and yogurt for breakfast. Lou, Dawn and I went to Luu's Noodle House for lunch. Our usual chow fun combination, fried rice and some egg rolls. Still in the Chinese mood, Lou fixed stir fry vegetables for dinner.

Friday: (10/22) Since it rained most of the morning, and had rained well yesterday evening, I tinkered in the house until about 2pm. I noticed the street was almost dry.

A temporary wall for the green house
Maybe I tinkered long enough so I went outside and installed a temporary wall on the green house where the garden shed had been and where it will be again next year. I had intended to get it in before we left on a trip but didn't. I wanted to get the wall up because we are in for a good long rain storm over the next few days and this afternoon was the only chance of a dry spell in the near future weather forecast.

Lou and Dawn went down to San Jose before lunch to the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Tech Museum. It's open until 8pm so they enjoyed a long visit. About 4pm they took a break and went to Original Joe's restaurant in downtown San Jose for dinner. They are an excellent Italian restaurant famous for their char-broiled hamburgers.

Lou made a nice omelet with sausage, peppers and sprouts for breakfast. A nutritious lunch of the last of Lou's apricot cobbler and a piece of olive load with some cheese. I made a chili size for dinner.

Saturday: (10/23) Woke up to a still dry outdoors but that should change within a few hours per the forecast. Decisions? Should we enjoy some outdoor time or have breakfast? The backyard is already showing off it's mud with just the little rain we've already had. We all headed off to downtown Mountain View so Dawn could take a load of books to The Bookseller used bookstore there to see if they need any of her surplus books. Then a stop at the hardware store for a few things before heading home. I tinkered in the shop and green house a little in the afternoon. They both have roofs and it was raining.

Breakfast was leftovers. I enjoyed some leftover omelet. Lou fixed tomato tuna salads for lunch. Lou fixed chili verde for dinner.

Sunday: (10/24) It worked again. If I talk about a forecast heavy weather storm, it doesn't materialize. that's the case. We haven't had heavy rain at all, just a few sprinkles. It was enough to make the yard muddy but not enough to puddle. In any case, I usually take the time off from outside activities so it isn't a total bust. I didn't get everything I planned accomplished this stay at home but maybe next year? It's time to get the RV ready and get on the road for a while.

Lou made bread puddin for breakfast.

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