Saturday, October 9, 2010

Silicon Valley Code Camp

Saturday: (10/09) Lou fixed a nice eggs over oliveloaf on toast for breakfast and i was off to an all day seminar at our local community college, Foothill College. The Silicon Valley Code Camp is a free computer software developers conference supported by many of the local companies. There were over 3000 attendees and over 200 presentations on all sorts of desktop and web programming and and on mobile device apps. I mostly followed the Google track today. They have all sorts of tools to improve website features and for web applications. They provided a free lunch as well. i had a roast beef sandwich. I finally got home after 6pm.

Lou and Dawn went up to Belmont in the afternoon to a Chocolate Fest. They indulged in all sorts of chocolates form a half dozen local chocolate makers. As well as champagne and jazz music. When I got home I started some noodles to go with the pot roast Lou had in the oven for dinner. I'm not sure how they had room for dinner?

Sunday: (10/10) Another day at the Silicon Valley Code Camp. Today I was learning about linking phone and web apps, video on websites, Html5 (the newer web standard), and Google mapping. Another nice lunch provided. I chose pizza today. The sessions started  nad ended earlier today so i was home by 4:30. The conference was very interesting. A good chance to see whats new, and meet the people designing and using it.

Today is Courtney's actual birthday so she specified dinner. Chicken fried steak, smashed potatoes, fresh spinach and artichokes.

Just before dinner I began feeling ill. I evidently got some food poisoning with my pizza for  lunch. Perhaps I should learn that just because other people don't get sick eating pizza made hours earlier and left in the sun doesn't mean I wont. 3000 people and I get sick. Maybe it's better to skip lunch and be hungry than to loose lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, I have a short memory.

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